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Online: 8 day shipping delay

An important update (21st March)

An update about online orders

An update about webshop

Covid-19 (Corona virus) update

An update on Covid19

Buns’n’Brexit is back 7th March 2020 11:00-16:00

Settled Status Brexit Cafe Sat 7 March 2020

WIN: Fancy socks and LOTS of goodies

WIN all these goodies

The Christmas FAQs

Where is my stuff?

Gingerbread dough in stock

Make at home – ready to bake

Danish lesson no. 237: Pålægschokolade

What are those thin slivers of chocolate in Denmark?

How to hotdog (the Scandi way)

This week: 2 for 1 hotdogs at the cafe

Little Scandinavian Lessons: How to slice cheese

It’s important.

How NOT to Hygge

Stop doing it wrong.

Compost, Recycle, Re-use

How to recycle or re-use our packaging, in case you wondered.

The Crayfish Season

The long read – why and how we get together to eat crayfish.

Happy Birthday to us: We’re 11 years old

Happy Birthday: our cafe turns 11 years old.

How To: Celebrate 17th May

Not sure what to do for 17th of May yet?

15 shades of Semlor

All your semla hybrid dreams in one place. Oh yes. You dreamt it, we did it.

Things you wanted to know about Semlor but were afraid to ask

All your important semlor facts in one place – cream buns: how to eat them, when to eat them and also, be careful not to get caught making them out of season.

7 Ways to a Danish Person’s Heart

Learn what foods the Danes really miss from home (it’s not all remoulade).

How to swear in Scandinavia

How to say some of the less bad swear words in Danish, Norwegian and Swedish. Because you asked us.

Foodie habits that Scandies don’t realise are… weird

Scandinavians have little weird food habits… Here are some of our favourites.

How to better understand Scandinavians this Christmas

Want to understand a little bit about our way of celebrating Christmas? Then read this handy guide on how to do Christmas the Scandinavian ways.

How to be more Scandinavian in your everyday life

Thinking about becoming a bit more Scandi in your everyday life? Feel like a Swede? Want to live like a Dane? Here are are few handy authentic things to incorporate into your everyday way of being.

Ways to be more Norwegian

A handy tongue in cheek guide on how to be a bit more Norwegian

Some of our quirky little Scandi habits and ways…

[button type=”default” size=”large” link=”../shop”]Shop around for more scandi food…[/button] Scandi habits. Some of our quirky little ways… We asked around on Facebook and Twitter today for what little ‘ways’ we […]

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