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Make a delicious saffron flavoured bundt cake - with youtube video to follow for instructions.

Learn how to do this whole Scandi jumper thing properly.

The Danish Queen Rocking her Sydvest

A delicious Finnish whipped lingonberry porridge.

Ever wondered how to queue in Scandinavia? This is your answer. Yes, it's a thing.

Learn how to make buns with chocolate Nutella filling - recipe from our book Fika & Hygge

Yes, it's a formula. How to make your apartment look like it's in Denmark, just follow these ten easy steps. Extract from Nørth by Bronte Aurell.

cinnamon buns with pearl sugar

Learn hwo to make the best ever cinnamon buns - and how to twist them like an expert.

cinnamon bun lenght

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Scandi Life

Welcome to our daily thoughts. Here you’ll find everything from recipes to amusing bits and everything inbetween.


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