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Our favourite Scandinavian Recipes. From our homes, our friends, our families and our book – the ScandiKitchen Cookbook.

What’s the deal with fresh yeast?

Fresh yeast for baking

Recipe: Runeberg Cakes

Traditional Finnish Runeberg cakes with a twist.

Recipe: Semlor – Swedish Marzipan Cream Buns

The famous Lent cream buns

How to make Saffron Semlor

Semlor + Saffron buns hybrid

ScandiKitchen News

Stuff we get up to at ScandiKitchen – from staff fun times, company news or important changes – if you want to know more about what we get up to then this is the place for you.

An update about online orders

An update about webshop

Looking after NHS team

Special online measures for NHS

Online: 8 day shipping delay

An important update (21st March)

Covid-19 (Corona virus) update

An update on Covid19

Fun Scandi Stuff

We do like to share amusing stuff from time to time. Join in. From Scandinavian news, useful words and phrases, to pointless facts and random tid-bits.  If it makes us smile, laugh or react in other way we might share it here.

WIN: Fancy socks and LOTS of goodies

WIN all these goodies

How to be more Finnish

Think you’ve got what it takes to be Finnish?

Handy Nordic words

Some handy words to learn

Handy Nordic sayings

Good ways to say stuff

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