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Are you wearing clean underpants?

We collect underpants for the homeless

The Law of Jante – explained

Ever wondered what the Law of Jante actually is?

Midsummer in Scandinavia

Want to find out what Midsummer is like? Read extract from Nørth here.

WIN The Bridge DVD Box Set Seasons 1-4

WIN Season 1-4 of The Bridge on DVD

How To: Celebrate 17th May

Not sure what to do for 17th of May yet?

Eurovision Bingo – Print Your Own

Oh yes – Eurovision bingo is back – make sure to get yours.

Scandi Ice Creams – Now Available

Our summer stash of Scandi ice creams has arrived!

Everyone Deserves a Proper Breakfast

A bowl for a bowl – providing breakfast to children in need.

Useful Scandinavian words to start using in English

A great collection of untranslatable Scandinavian words – words from Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Finnish. We suggest you start using these words today in English.

You Know You’re Scandi When…

You know you’re Scandi when.. You wouldn’t DREAM of drinking the water from the tap without letting it run for at least 5 seconds. Otherwise you end up with the [...]

WIN! A Big Lovely Scandi Fika Bundle

WIN! A Big Lovely Fika Bundle Fika must be our all time favourite Swedish word. The concept of a little break in your day, with coffee and maybe something sweet, […]

WIN tickets to see IN THE BLOOD (Tue 6th Dec 2016)

Nordic Film Festival 2016 WIN tickets to see IN THE BLOOD at Regent’s Cinema on 6th December 2016. This year, the Nordic Film Festival in London returns wit a great […]

WIN! The Sleigh Ride DVD & Winter Sweet Treats

WIN! The Sleigh Ride DVD & Winter Sweet Treats A few years ago, a mini trend kicked off in Norway – slow TV. The concept of slow TV is simple […]

Our Favourite Finnish Things

The Finns are behind several of our favourite things.

Breakfast of Champions – Support Magic Breakfast

Magic Breakfast Charity – Start your day doing something good Don’t go to school on an empty stomach. With school having started again, it is time for a re-run of a […]

Eurovision 2016 – Update

Eurovision 2016 – It has finally begun! Every week we will have our Eurovision expert, Mr David Jørgensen, giving us news and comments on the wonderful world of Eurovision. Fancy […]

Eurovision 2016 – It has begun!

Eurovision 2016 – It has finally begun! Every week we will have our Eurovision expert, Mr David Jørgensen, giving us news and comments on the wonderful world of Eurovision. Fancy […]

A lot of ways to say ‘crazy’ in Norwegian

A lot of ways to say ‘crazy’ in Norwegian Hello. So, our Martina is from Norway and she was reading this article the other day (click here) about how the […]

Are you wearing clean underpants? Nice, isn’t it?

We are collecting underpants for the homeless of London. Send us a few pairs of new pants, please. All through November at our cafe. Because everybody deserves clean underpants.

WIN a box of goodies for your homesick Scandiphile friend

win a box of Scandinavian goodies

WIN The Legacy Box Set 1 & 2

Win the Nordic drama The Legacy box set season 1 and 2

Our favourite little places to go in Scandinavia

We asked our team to tell us some of the favourite secret places to visit in Scandinavia

WIN tickets for Nordicana 2015

WIN tickets for Nordicana 2015

Easter in Scandinavia

How we celebrate Easter in Scandinavia – Norway, Sweden and Denmark

Where is Scandinavia?

Nordic and Scandinavia is not the same thing. This explains it all.

How to be more Scandinavian in your everyday life

Thinking about becoming a bit more Scandi in your everyday life? Feel like a Swede? Want to live like a Dane? Here are are few handy authentic things to incorporate into your everyday way of being.

Surströmming – Fermented Herring

Sometimes, when we want to giggle, we watch this clip of our Jonas in Hyde Park making the poor journalist from The Telegraph Newspaper try Surströmming fermented herring.

Don’t go to school on an empty stomach

1 in 3 kids go to school hungry. Every time you get a bowl of porridge from us, we donate one breakfast for a UK School child. Support Magic Breakfast now.

Making Tracks: Support Tony and Paul

Making Tracks – The Arctic Challenge: Support Tony and Paul on their epic 5000 mile journey from London to Nordkapp – and pop by and see them off on Sunday 1st March at our cafe (10 am)

Oh, Zlatan, you legend

Watch the video. Think of them – and support the world food programme to stop hunger.

Glögg party – how to do it the Scandinavian way

How to host a really love Scandinavian mulled wine ‘glögg’-party

WIN tickets to see Tina Dickow in London 29th November

WIN tickets to see Tina Dickow in concert at Shepherd’s Bush on 29th November 2014

Ways to be more Norwegian

A handy tongue in cheek guide on how to be a bit more Norwegian

Tuborg Julebryg J-Day London 2014

The celebration of the release of the Danish traditional Christmas beer, Tuborg Julebryg. Want to join us on the 14th November at the cafe? Email us to get your name on the guest list (limited spots)

Are you wearing clean underpants?

The annual appeal for new clean underpants and socks for the homeless men in London. Please help out by donating in the shop or send us some new underpants.

15 ways you know you’re a real Swedish ex-pat

A list of 15 things that make you a real Swedish ex-pat

17 Little ways to annoy a Scandinavian person

A little collection of easy ways to annoy a Scandinavian person, as collected from all of you lovely people. Feel free to add your own little ways in the comment section.

Great Scandinavian idioms

Thank you to all those who shared their favourite idiom on Facebook the other day – we laughed so hard we cried at some of these.

We also realised we frequently use some of the expressions when we’re speaking English in the shop – and no wonder people look at us as if we’re a bit weird when we say things like ‘no cows on the ice’.

Enjoy the list.

Meet some good friends of ours… Lisa’s at Portobello

Aside from running our lovely little café and shop in Central London, we have a rather fancy snazzy warehouse out in Park Royal (It’s called ‘StockHome’). From there, we operate the web-shop and also our Wholesale Department.

What is Fika?

Time for Fika Every language contains a few untranslatable words.  In Denmark and Norway, “hygge” is generally used as an example for a general state of lovely cosiness.  In Sweden, […]

Newsletter Friday 25th July 2014: Elvis, Bent and free lunch.

Every week, we send out a newsletter. You can sign up on our homepage. Or just click here to access this week’s interesting bits and bobs from the land of […]

WIN Tickets to see Nephew at Shepherd’s Bush Empire

Nephew, the Danish band, is playing Shepherd’s Bush Empire on 17th August – and we’ve got a pair of tickets and a greatest hits CD to give away to a […]

Midsummer – The Danish Way

Danes celebrate Midsummer differently to the Swedes. So, if you fancy doing it a bit different this year, follow this mini-guide Pick the right date Midsummer in Denmark is mostly […]

How to create a midsummer picnic – the easy way

How to create a midsummer picnic – the easy way Midsummer occurs at exactly the same time as the summer solstice. It’s a wonderful time of year where we have […]

ScandiKitchen’s Eurovision Bingo 2014

Every year we play Eurovision Bingo. This year is no exception. Play live with us on our Twitter feed during all the shows – from the semi finals to the […]

Illustrated Beginner’s Guide to Eurovision Voting

Click on the image for larger version. Oh yes, Eurovision fever has begun. Six days to go…     Via i.imgur.com

The Very Funny Sophie Hagen…. Cast your votes here.

We’re proud that our friend Sofie Hagen has been nominated for a Chortle Award 2014. It takes guts to stand up and be funny at the best of times – […]

Reindeer herding – seen from above

Creating beautiful reindeer swirls of herding. Shot by Jan Helmer Olsen in Norway.    

Semla baking competition…

UPDATE 4th March: THE WINNER OF THE BAKING COMPETITON IS GRETE MINUMETS – as chosen by our Shop Manager Rebekka. Congratulations – your buns were particularly lovely looking. Thanks to […]

WIN: ‘The Almost Nearly Perfect People’ – by Michael Booth

Did you read the article that got everybody talking a few weeks back? (if not, read it HERE) Are we Nordics not all we’re cracked up to be? Who decided […]

‘Monthly Art/Photo Space’ at ScandiKitchen: Artists wanted.

We’ve got a few empty walls where we like to ask artists and photographers to display their work. We usually change artworks every month or so. This is a last […]

January’s artist: Åsa Wikman

We love our wall downstairs in the cafe. Most of all, we love that every month, we have lovely new amazing art work displayed there. From photography to paintings and […]

Are you wearing underpants?

Chances are, you probably are wearing a pair of underpants right now. Comfortable, much? One of our good, good friends is supporting a really great cause in West London called […]

The WINNERS: Pimp my Gingerbread House Competition 2013

And so, for the winners of the annual ScandiKitchen ‘Pimp My Gingerbread House’ competition… We started with a basic kit and wanted to see what you could all do with […]

Sankta Lucia – the festival of light

Swedish Lucia For Dummies from Sweden on Vimeo. This Friday the 13th December is the day of St Lucia and the festival of light. On this day across Scandinavia you […]

Happy Hallowe’en: The best light display?

We found this elaborate light display from America to celebrate Hallowe’en. To the tunes of Ylvis: The Fox.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ck0JCaMt4tA  

Surströmming: The smelliest herring there is

It’s back in stock: Surströmming. Swedish fermented herring. It smells so bad you have to open it outside (and if you don’t, well, we warned you). On the other side, […]

Can Hell freeze over?

Yes. Hell is a town in Norway and sometimes it freezes because it can get really cold there. So that answers that question, then. More about Hell here.  

Title music from The Bridge (Broen / Bron) on BBC

Did you watch episode 1 and 2 of The Bridge, the new Scandi crime series showing on BBC last night? Fantastic, isn’t it? Oh, and have you been wondering every […]

Spiderman and his dolls. Why is it a problem?

If there is one thing that gets the general Scandies blood boiling is gender roles for boys and girls.  Girls can be plumbers, boys can be au pairs.  Who cares […]

Princess Estelle of Sweden – pictures

The new Swedish princess is names Estelle. So, one day, she will grow up to be Queen Estelle of Sweden. Awwww… Here are the first pictures of Crown Princess Victoria […]

Stuff that is nice about Iceland

Many things are nice about Iceland (except when they bring out the fermented shark). The photographer James Appleton LINK http://www.jamesappleton.co.uk/ spent time photographing an Icelandic volcano erupting – set in […]

They did it. She said JA!

On Saturday, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden said JA to Daniel, fitness trainer of Sweden. Now they are man and wife and the whole country celebrated with them until the […]

Tuut tuut. That’s the sound of our trumpet again.

While we always appreciate constructive feedback, we also love it when you say lovely things. Only a few weeks ago, the lovely Mathilde wrote a really nice thing about us […]

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