Fun stuff

We do like to share amusing stuff from time to time. Join in. From Scandinavian news, useful words and phrases, to pointless facts and random tid-bits.  If it makes us smile, laugh or react in other way we might share it here.

How to be more Finnish

Think you’ve got what it takes to be Finnish?

Handy Nordic words

Some handy words to learn

Handy Nordic sayings

Good ways to say stuff

Stuff we get asked

No polar bears in Copenhagen

Stuff we say about fish

We talk about fish, a lot

7 cheesy facts

Some Scandinavian cheese related facts

Show us your buns: Cinnamon Bun Day 2019

Cinnamon bun day 2019: We want to see your brilliant home bakes.

Fermented smelly Swedish fish: Surströmming

Fermented Swedish herring: Get delivery in the UK

7 Nordic ways to talk about hangovers

Ways to talk about hangovers in Scandinavia

How to hotdog (the Scandi way)

This week: 2 for 1 hotdogs at the cafe

A guide to being Swedish

Ever wanted to be Swedish?

Eurovision Bingo 2019

Wanna play Eurovision Bingo 2019?

30 steps to become a Norwegian

Ever wondered what it takes to be a real Norwegian?

Little lessons: Hiking in Norway

How to go on a walk the Norwegian way

Little lessons: Scandinavian Easter

How to celebrate our Easter

Little lessons: Friends of Norway

Friends forever.

Little Scandinavian Lessons: How to slice cheese

It’s important.

Our favourite Nordic idioms

Best Nordic idioms & sayings

False friends

Words that mean something else…

Little Scandinavian lessons: Lagom

How do you define Lagom?

How to make friends with a Scandinavian

Apparently, we’re difficult.

Why Scandies rule Christmas

How we do Christmas in Scandinavia

How to cope with the darkness

How to get through the dark months like a Scandi

How to learn to love salty liquorice

Do you love it or hate it?

How NOT to Hygge

Stop doing it wrong.

Our new book: ScandiKitchen Christmas

Try our new book for a truly Scandinavian Christmas

Swedish Princess Cake: 7 Random Facts

Educate yourself on the oh-so-delicious Swedish princess cake.

The Law of Jante – explained

Ever wondered what the Law of Jante actually is?

Crayfish: 7 Random Facts

Interesting, useful and impressive facts about our favourite crustaceans.

How To – Crayfish Party

Learn how to host your own crayfish party in seven simple steps.

The Only Aquavit Song You Need

Need a song to sing to help you get that aquavit down?

Things Scandinavians obsess about

Stuff we just have to do. Read it here.

Midsummer in Scandinavia

Want to find out what Midsummer is like? Read extract from Nørth here.

‘Små Grodorna’ song – Midsummer

The words to the song where you dance like a frog.

The Bridge – hotdog style

What’s the real difference between Denmark and Sweden?

13 Useful Scandinavian Insults

Add some colour to your vocabulary with these Scandi insults

You Know it is 17th May When…

Would you normally drink champagne for breakfast?

7 Things You Didn’t Know About … Eurovision

Yep, it’s Eurovision season again – time to refresh some facts!

23 ways to annoy a Scandinavian person

In need of different ways to really annoy a Scandi? Here you go.

7 Random Facts About Aquavit

Aquavit, schmaquavit? Not necessarily. Here are 7 random facts for you.

Things that happen when you live with a Scandi

We’ll help you adapt to the situation

Ways to work the snow like a Scandi

It’s snowing in London. Need some handy ways to deal with it?

How to spot a Scandinavian in the wild

Ever wondered how to spot a Scandinavian in the wild?

15 shades of Semlor

All your semla hybrid dreams in one place. Oh yes. You dreamt it, we did it.

Things you wanted to know about Semlor but were afraid to ask

All your important semlor facts in one place – cream buns: how to eat them, when to eat them and also, be careful not to get caught making them out of season.

Our favourite Finnish facts

Lots of interesting facts about Finland.

How to count in Danish.

Yes, of course, it is super easy to learn to count in Danish. Not.

Top Scandi Superstitions

Ever wondered what Scandinavian superstitions are like?

How to: Norwegian Jumper

Learn how to do this whole Scandi jumper thing properly.

How to Enjoy Autumn like a Scandi

How to Autumn like a Scandi Or what we think about when it is biting cold, rainy and dark. It is the little things. From the smell of your coffee […]

How to Queue

Ever wondered how to queue in Scandinavia? This is your answer. Yes, it’s a thing.

How to give your apartment the ‘Copenhagen’ look

Yes, it’s a formula. How to make your apartment look like it’s in Denmark, just follow these ten easy steps. Extract from Nørth by Bronte Aurell.

10 Culinary Delights From Our Scandi Childhoods

10 Culinary Delights From Our Scandi Childhoods Sometimes, when we were little, this is all we wanted to eat. (Still is, sometimes). Recognise any of these, for yourself or your […]

7 Random Crispy Facts

7 Random Facts About Crispbread Crispbread is common across Scandinavia, but especially so in Sweden, followed closely by Norway. 85% of all Swedish households have it at all times. Crispbread is […]

Useful Scandinavian words to start using in English

A great collection of untranslatable Scandinavian words – words from Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Finnish. We suggest you start using these words today in English.

You Know You’re Scandi When…

You know you’re Scandi when.. You wouldn’t DREAM of drinking the water from the tap without letting it run for at least 5 seconds. Otherwise you end up with the [...]

7 Random Facts About Surströmming

7 Random Facts About Surströmming Surströmming is made by preserving the raw herring with just enough salt to prevent it from rotting, then left to ferment for at least 6 months. [...]

11 Facts About Beer in Scandinavia

11 Facts About Beer in Scandiland  In Sweden and Norway, you have to go to specialist shops to buy anything stronger than 4% (in Sweden, that’s 3.5%). In Norway, only […]

13 ways to get a Scandinavian to eye roll you

How to make Scandies eye roll

Aquavit Songs (Snapsvisor) for Midsummer

Want to celebrate Midsummer like a Scandi? You need some songs….

7 random ways to be more Danish for Danish National Day

Seven silly ways to be a bit more Danish for Danish National Day on 5th June

7 Random Things About 17th May – Norway Day

7 Random Things About 17th May – Norway Day

7 things you didn’t know were invented by the Nordics….

7 things you didn’t know were invented by the Nordics….

7 strong Scandinavian names for your new baby

Some names for your new baby? Or maybe not…

7 Scandi Ways To Screw Up

7 Scandi sayings for when things are not going well. If a Dane has his ass in the surface of the water (Røven i vandskorpen), it means things are not going […]

7 Things You Didn’t Know About The Vikings

  7 Useful Things To Know About the Vikings   Viking Harold Bluetooth was great at connecting nations – Bluetooth tech is named after him: the logo are his initials. […]

7 Random Things About Finland

Weird and wonderful facts to impress your Finnish friends with.

7 Random Things You Didn’t Know About.. ABBA

7 Random Things You Didn’t Know About.. ABBA

How to hotdog the Scandinavian way

Everything you need to know about Scandinavian hotdogs. Because we know.

You know you’ve turned Scandi when….

Those little things that make you appear just as Scandi as the rest of us. Welcome: You’re one of us, now.

How to swear in Scandinavia

How to say some of the less bad swear words in Danish, Norwegian and Swedish. Because you asked us.

Foodie habits that Scandies don’t realise are… weird

Scandinavians have little weird food habits… Here are some of our favourites.

Stuff ex-pat Scandies say to friends

We say a lot of strange stuff. Here are some of the things we think are perfectly normal that may puzzle you slightly!

How to better understand Scandinavians this Christmas

Want to understand a little bit about our way of celebrating Christmas? Then read this handy guide on how to do Christmas the Scandinavian ways.

15 Facts About Cinnamon Buns

15 Things You Need to know about Cinnamon Buns This year, as every year, we are celebrating the official Cinnamon Bun day. A national holiday in Sweden (not really, but […]

31 Ways To Be More Norwegian

Ever wanted to be more Norwegian? Here you go.

How to be More Danish

A silly little guide on how to be stereotypically Danish

Our favourite Viking facts

A selection of our favourite Viking facts, as collected by us.

Scandinavian Facts; Mythbuster – Scandi Edition

8 Scandinavian Facts – The Fact or Fiction List 1. All Scandinavians are tall, blonde and beautiful. There may be a slightly larger proportion fitting this description in Scandinavia than […]

Glossary: Norwegian Words – Topic: Weather

Norwegian Words to Describe Weather Værfast; literally, weather stuck. If one finds oneself stuck in torrential rain, howling winds or wintry snow storms. Then you are weather stuck. For example, […]

How to be More Swedish

We have written a little guide on how to be a bit more Swedish in your everyday life.

How to Fredagsmys – Fredagskos like a Scandi

Fredagsmys like a pro Fredagsmys, or fredagskos, is a big deal in Scandinavia – especially in Norway and Sweden. The Danes have their Fredagshygge, but this is not quite as [...]

Useful Norwegian Expressions

5 really useful Norwegian expressions to impress with.

Celebrate Lucia like a Scandi pro

Celebrate Scandi Lucia like a pro

A lot of ways to say ‘crazy’ in Norwegian

A lot of ways to say ‘crazy’ in Norwegian Hello. So, our Martina is from Norway and she was reading this article the other day (click here) about how the […]

Stuff Scandinavians do that baffle other nations

Stuff Scandinavians do that baffles other nations – it’s all in the little things…

Stuff Scandinavians miss from home

Stuff Scandinavians miss from home – a list compiled by us with help from all the Scandi ex pats. Yes, it’s tongue-in-cheek.

How to be a bit more Viking

A silly guide on how to be more viking.

Midsummer – like a Swede

Fancy a bit of a Scandi Midsummer this year? Here’s our guide on how to do it like a true Swede. See you at the park on the 20th!

How to Swedify yourself for Swedish Day

A handy graph just in time for Swedish national day

Scandinavian words that mean something different in English

A little list of some Scandinavian words that mean something different in English. includes fart, slut and tvätt.

How to be more Scandinavian in your everyday life

Thinking about becoming a bit more Scandi in your everyday life? Feel like a Swede? Want to live like a Dane? Here are are few handy authentic things to incorporate into your everyday way of being.

Surströmming – Fermented Herring

Sometimes, when we want to giggle, we watch this clip of our Jonas in Hyde Park making the poor journalist from The Telegraph Newspaper try Surströmming fermented herring.

Ways to be more Norwegian

A handy tongue in cheek guide on how to be a bit more Norwegian

Reasons the Nordic countries win when it comes to Christmas

Celebrating Christmas with Nordic traditions is something quite special…

15 ways you know you’re a real Swedish ex-pat

A list of 15 things that make you a real Swedish ex-pat

17 Little ways to annoy a Scandinavian person

A little collection of easy ways to annoy a Scandinavian person, as collected from all of you lovely people. Feel free to add your own little ways in the comment section.

Great Scandinavian idioms

Thank you to all those who shared their favourite idiom on Facebook the other day – we laughed so hard we cried at some of these.

We also realised we frequently use some of the expressions when we’re speaking English in the shop – and no wonder people look at us as if we’re a bit weird when we say things like ‘no cows on the ice’.

Enjoy the list.

A selection of great Swedish signs

The Swedes make the best signs, that’s just how it is.

Ten cool Vikings

[button type=”default” size=”large” link=”../shop”]Shop around for more scandi food…[/button] Let’s face it: We have quite a few to choose from. Here’s our selection Harold Bluetooth Dear old Harold. Not only […]

Some of our quirky little Scandi habits and ways…

[button type=”default” size=”large” link=”../shop”]Shop around for more scandi food…[/button] Scandi habits. Some of our quirky little ways… We asked around on Facebook and Twitter today for what little ‘ways’ we […]

Unfortunately named Scandi products

Oh, some of these made us snigger. A brand of crab sticks in Norway…   The name of some biscuits in Sweden… Bread rolls from Finland… Snus tobacco in Sweden… […]

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