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gingerbread buns mw

Delicious warming nordic rice pudding with cinnamon and sugar - perfect for those winter evenings when you need a bit of extra comfort food.

How to make little Halloween ghosts from left over bits of cake and pastry.

Make a delicious saffron flavoured bundt cake - with youtube video to follow for instructions.

A delicious Finnish whipped lingonberry porridge.

Learn how to make buns with chocolate Nutella filling - recipe from our book Fika & Hygge

Learn hwo to make the best ever cinnamon buns - and how to twist them like an expert.


kanelbullar cinnamon buns

kottbullar makaroni

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Food & Recipes

Our favourite Scandinavian Recipes. From our homes, our friends, our families and our book – the ScandiKitchen Cookbook.


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