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Meet up: London Pride 2019

Need a place to meet before Pride?

How to hotdog (the Scandi way)

This week: 2 for 1 hotdogs at the cafe

Nordic Ice Creams – Summer 2019

Try our favourite Scandi ice creams at the cafe this summer

Little Scandinavian Lessons: How to slice cheese

It’s important.

How NOT to Hygge

Stop doing it wrong.

Join us for en evening of chat, tasters and hygge

Event at our cafe 30th October 2018

Compost, Recycle, Re-use

How to recycle or re-use our packaging, in case you wondered.

The Crayfish Season

The long read – why and how we get together to eat crayfish.

Happy Birthday to us: We’re 11 years old

Happy Birthday: our cafe turns 11 years old.

Buy one Hotdog, get one FREE this week

Scandinavians make great hotdogs – this week, 2-for-1

Eurovision Bingo – Print Your Own

Oh yes – Eurovision bingo is back – make sure to get yours.

Scandi Ice Creams – Now Available

Our summer stash of Scandi ice creams has arrived!

Everyone Deserves a Proper Breakfast

A bowl for a bowl – providing breakfast to children in need.

15 shades of Semlor

All your semla hybrid dreams in one place. Oh yes. You dreamt it, we did it.

Things you wanted to know about Semlor but were afraid to ask

All your important semlor facts in one place – cream buns: how to eat them, when to eat them and also, be careful not to get caught making them out of season.

Glögg Season is here!

Learn how to make a real Scandi glögg mulled wine

Are you wearing clean underpants?

Are you wearing clean underpants? Read on, even if you did put clean undies on this morning: This is important. Every year, for a few weeks, we collect money at […]

Scandi BBQ time (and the best sausages ever)

The best sausages for a good old barbeque

7 Ways to a Danish Person’s Heart

Learn what foods the Danes really miss from home (it’s not all remoulade).

FREE cinnamon bun week 12-16 June 2017 at our cafe in London

  FREE cinnamon bun week Hej Next week is FREE bun week – this means if you pop by between 8-11 am Mon-Fri and show the nice person behind the […]

Danish Mayo – A Cupboard Essential

Danish Mayonnaise & How to Enjoy It Ask any Dane, and they will tell you Danish mayo is superior to all other mayo. Now, critical minds may say they are […]

How to swear in Scandinavia

How to say some of the less bad swear words in Danish, Norwegian and Swedish. Because you asked us.

Swedish Lingonberry Jam – The All-Rounder

  Rårörda Lingon – Everyday Hero #2 This is the second of six posts – each presenting one of our favourite everyday products. The things we eat again and again […]

Foodie habits that Scandies don’t realise are… weird

Scandinavians have little weird food habits… Here are some of our favourites.

Pimp my Gingerbread House 2016 WINNERS

The winners in our 2016 competition!

Christmas Season Opening Hours

Our Christmas opening times 2016.

How to better understand Scandinavians this Christmas

Want to understand a little bit about our way of celebrating Christmas? Then read this handy guide on how to do Christmas the Scandinavian ways.

New Finnish Range – Product Sneak Peek

ScandiKitchen Finnish Range – Coming Soon.. We’re counting down the days to the arrival of our brand new Finnish range – have a look at what’s coming and let us […]

FIKA – The Connoisseur’s Guide to Cake & Drink Pairings

Fika – The Connoisseur’s Guide to Cake & Drink Pairings Aaaaah, Fika. That untranslatable, slightly odd-sounding Swedish word which encompasses so much loveliness. Fika may just be our favourite Swedish […]

WIN a big box of liquorice

WIN a big box of Scandinavian salty liquorice – can you handle it?

Pimp my Gingerbread House 2015 – some of the houses

There’s still time to enter our Pimp my Gingerbread House competition – lots of great prizes to be won!

We’d like you to meet… Malin

Meet our people

We’d like you to meet… our Tina

Meet our people: Tina, our Leading Lady.

Pimp My Gingerbread House 2015

We love this annual competition of pimped up gingerbread houses – join in the fun.

We would like you to meet… our Sally

We would like you to meet… our Sally

Pleased to meet you, Thom

Pleased to meet you, Thom – meet the people at ScandiKitchen

Pleased to meet you… Rebekka

Pleased to meet you… Rebekka. We introduce you to our lovely team.

Pleased to meet you… Torben

Pleased to meet you… Torben. Meet our people at ScandiKitchen.

Are you wearing clean underpants? Nice, isn’t it?

We are collecting underpants for the homeless of London. Send us a few pairs of new pants, please. All through November at our cafe. Because everybody deserves clean underpants.

Our favourite little places to go in Scandinavia

We asked our team to tell us some of the favourite secret places to visit in Scandinavia

Buns and Coffee

Next week, we’re doing Buns and coffee at the cafe. You’ll need one of these vouchers. Yes, you can use your smart phone.

How to be more Scandinavian in your everyday life

Thinking about becoming a bit more Scandi in your everyday life? Feel like a Swede? Want to live like a Dane? Here are are few handy authentic things to incorporate into your everyday way of being.

Your lovely semlor pictures

We asked you to send us pictures of your home bakes – here are the best ones.

WIN Semlor for the office

WIN a tray of our delicious Semlor buns for you and your colleagues and be Mr Popular

Aquavit tastings at the cafe 29th November 2014

Pop by and get a taste for the Nordic aquavit drink – and learn all about the flavours and varieties (Sat 29th Nov 2014 at the cafe)

Pimp My Gingerbread House 2014

The brilliant annual gingerbread building competition from ScandiKitchen – great prizes to be won from Skandium and Isak design. Entries accepted using the basic model kit. Categories for both kids and grown ups.

Ways to be more Norwegian

A handy tongue in cheek guide on how to be a bit more Norwegian

Time for Blossa Glögg Mulled wine

This year’s 2014 Blossa Glögg mulled wine annual flavour is out and it is delicious. Pop by and stock up in store or online.

WIN a Scandinavian Christmas hamper

Enter now to be in with a chance to win a filled Scandinavian Christmas hamper.

Tuborg Julebryg J-Day London 2014

The celebration of the release of the Danish traditional Christmas beer, Tuborg Julebryg. Want to join us on the 14th November at the cafe? Email us to get your name on the guest list (limited spots)

Meet some good friends of ours… Lisa’s at Portobello

Aside from running our lovely little café and shop in Central London, we have a rather fancy snazzy warehouse out in Park Royal (It’s called ‘StockHome’). From there, we operate the web-shop and also our Wholesale Department.

Some of our quirky little Scandi habits and ways…

[button type=”default” size=”large” link=”../shop”]Shop around for more scandi food…[/button] Scandi habits. Some of our quirky little ways… We asked around on Facebook and Twitter today for what little ‘ways’ we […]

WIN a walk-on part in Wallander. Yes, really.

It’s the competition of the year and it is open to our Newsletter readers. Fancy winning a walk-on part in the last ever Wallander, filming in Sweden? The British Wallander […]

Newsletter Friday 25th July 2014: Elvis, Bent and free lunch.

Every week, we send out a newsletter. You can sign up on our homepage. Or just click here to access this week’s interesting bits and bobs from the land of […]

Celebrate Bun Week with us 21-27 July 2014

Next week  (21-27 July 2014) is bun week at the cafe. Here’s the voucher you need in order for you to get your mitts on a free cinnamon bun on […]

Need a ‘Kransekake’ for 17th Mai?

Our good friend Karen is really good at making Kransekake / kransekage. In fact, she’s been making them for years. We don’t make them but we’re very happy to recommend […]

Waffle Day 25th March – ‘Våffeldagen’

Waffle Day (25th March) began in Sweden as Våffeldagen, allegedly due to confusion between the Swedish “vårfrudagen” meaning “Our Lady’s Day” which falls on the same date. The day historically […]

Show us your big, fat buns and WIN Lunch for Two at ScandiKitchen

It’s Fat Tuesday on Tuesday 4th March 2014 – also known as Fettisdagen, fastelavn, Shrove Tuesday and Mardi Gras. On this day across Scandinavia we celebrate the start of Lent. […]

WIN: ‘The Almost Nearly Perfect People’ – by Michael Booth

Did you read the article that got everybody talking a few weeks back? (if not, read it HERE) Are we Nordics not all we’re cracked up to be? Who decided […]

WIN a box of our favourite liquorice selection

To celebrate our liquorice week at ScandiKitchen, we’re giving away a selection box of our favourite liquorice.   The lovely gift box contains:   Tyrkisk peber (both normal and firewood), […]

Last stock update (22nd December)

Hallo. Just a little update. We’ve still got Julmust and loads of mulled wine from Blossa. We’ve also got a whole heap of Danish ‘pålæg’ in – from saltkød to […]

We’ve got loads of stuff left on the shelves… (Stock update 20/12)

Hello. This update about stock at our London store is posted 13:30 on 20th December. We’ve still got julmust, prinskorv, vortbrod, leverpostej, marsipangrise, julskum, rodkaal, cherry sauce, nougat, marzipan, aebleskiver, […]

FREE buns for ‘Kanelbullens Dag’ – Day of the Cinnamon Bun 4th October 2013

Friday 4th October is the day of the cinnamon bun all across Sweden. We’re celebrating all day in the café with freshly baked buns, tasters, recipe cards and much more. […]

We’re 6 years old. Yes, really. Happy Birthday to us.

It started off as a chat over a glass of wine. Or four. It became an idea, a passion. ‘Let’s open a deli’ we said. Then we chucked in our […]

Liquorice: A mini guide.

LAKRIDS, LIQUORICE, LICORICE…   We Nordics have a favourite pass time: to try and get non-liquorice lovers to taste the stuff we enjoy eating by the bucket load. We cannot […]

When Mari went to the Ambassador’s house

Ever been to a real Amabassador’s house? There are gilded egdes on everything and they eat Ferrero Rochers for breakfast, noon and dinner. People dance all night long and some […]

Scandinavian food rising in popularity in Britian

We kinda had a feeling, you know. That Scandinavian food is the next big thing. Which is why, in 2006, Jonas and Bronte began making plans to take over the […]

Rebekka’s wish…

Our Rebekka couldn’t make it to the Scan Show this weekend (she is a busy lady, you know, baking and stuff). So, she set Bronte a challenge: go meet the […]

Penguin of the week: Pondus

Speak to any Dane born in the seventies and it is pretty certain he or she will remember this little penguin called Pondus who used to wear a red scarf […]

Four is a magic number (happy birthday to us)

The bump made an appearance the day after opening the shop… It takes quite a bit to make us feel all nostalgic, but really, on Sunday 10th July we definitely […]

Dans le Noir – Scandi Style

It was an eventful day at SK yesterday.  No power at all.  We were in darkness.  In fact, most of the street was left powerless for a long, long time.  […]

Kuckelimuck Cake (thanks, Auntie Inga)

Last year, we found another one of Aunt Inga’s old recipes. As some of you know, Aunt Inga is Jonas’ great aunt who is responsible for our Sticky Swedish Chocolate […]

Fem Fyrar from gp.se

Even though Bronte is Danish, she is obsessed reading Swedish “Best in Test” pages. That is because she’s secretly planning to become Swedish*. In Sweden, every publication has a test […]

The reason we get up in the morning…

On Saturday we had a visit from a young English lady named Madeleine.  She and her parents have been coming to see us once in a while almost since we […]

Wonderful Copenhagen

Sometimes, even cafe owners get to go on business trips. Jonas and Bronte went to Copenhagen last week and it was very exciting to be all business like again. Not […]

Odd phonecalls # 2

A while back we reported on some strange calls we’ve had in the past. Since then, we’ve started to notice that we are possibly the place people call when they […]

In the news (tuut tuut)

A little while ago we were featured in Børsen.  If you can read Danish, click link below to see the article.  If you can’t, then you can peek at the […]

Would you like to go to Tobago?

We do get some funny calls sometimes.  This morning, a nice gentleman called to tell us that his wife had booked a holiday to Tobago. “That’s nice” our Bronte said. […]

They both said yes. Phew.

Phew, indeed. Not because there was any doubt, but because it was 43 degrees celsius and even Elvis was a sweating wreck. Bronte said yes to Jonas and now she […]

Food Lovers London: essential reading if you like food. And, eh… London.

Back in the day, Bronte was one of those curious people who liked going to specialist food shops and buy exotic things to eat – from trips to the Greek […]

Oh, Joey…

Back in the days, Europe was THE band to listen to.  Bronte’s first ever album was The Final Countdown and her walls were adorned with colourful posters of Joey Tempest, […]

Tuut tuut. That’s the sound of our trumpet again.

While we always appreciate constructive feedback, we also love it when you say lovely things. Only a few weeks ago, the lovely Mathilde wrote a really nice thing about us […]

A story of coincidence?

Our Jonas used to live in Australia. That’s when he had bleached blond hair and spent his days studying Marketing and his evenings selling underwear/disco dancing/stroking koalas. Eh, yeah. When […]

Welcome to the new boss

Well, sort of. Probably. Our Bronte finally went pop and out came Elsa. Thanks for all your well wishes: Mum, Dad, Big Sister Astrid and Elsa all doing very well. […]

Snus – the debate rages on…

Snus is a very Swedish thing. Basically, for those of you not in the know, it is moist tobacco packed tightly together and “left” to infuse under the top lip […]

What’s it gonna be?

Bronte and Jonas are preparing for the arrival of another nipper and the guys in the shop have started to take bets if it will be a boy or girl, […]

Happy Birthday to us – photos

We had a lovely little party a few weeks back when we turned two. The wonderful photographer Magnus Arrevad popped by and took a few photos – you can see […]

Go hide in Scandinavia

Fancy getting away from it all: Try these little hiding places in Scandinavia. Our Louise loves the idea fo this hotel near Stockholm – it is in the middle of […]

Looking for Joey…

Back in the Eighties, Jonas went to his first ever concert. It was Europe and the song of the moment was The Final Countdown. He had curly hair and so […]

We’re not quite sure why, but there they are…

Meet Dave and Bertie. They run a company around the corner from Scandi Kitchen called Watermill : www.watermill-london.com. Basically, they think up great ideas and they are very good at […]

We love it when two good things find each other…

Certain things belong together. Cinnamon and buns. Hot and dogs. Egg and Kalles Kaviar. We were very pleased this week when we heard that two of our “Little shops we […]

innocent is all over Scandinavia

Many moons ago, our Bronte used to hang out at the innocent ‘Fruit Tower’ quite a lot. For around five years, her quest in life was to ensure the people […]

Hello again, Mamma

We were famous last week: a whole three times. Wowsa, it felt good and it almost went to our head and we’ve spent days blowing our own trumpets. You can […]

Happy Danish

We had a visit from Nicholas this week who was celebrating being Danish and felt like popping by for some open sandwiches and some Danish pastry. So, why the celebration? […]

Trumpet time…

They say good things come in threes. Well, we’d been quite happy with one of these, but three in one day was also very nice, thank you. The Evening Standard […]

Celebrated in style

Our first birthday was celebrated in style at Scandi Kitchen. We served nice herring and even nicer lagkage (layer cake). all day to anyone who fancied it and we even […]

Lovely innocent smoothies

Bronte went to Fruit Towers (as innocent’s head quarters are called) today – she’s worked at innocent for many years but now she is finally full-time Scandi Kitchen. To celebrate, […]

Our plants sell for top dollar at flea market

Our new friends Anna Sophia and Maria had a mini-fleamarket at SK over the weekend. They were raising money for a trip to Hong Kong where they plan to teach […]

Jeg er også dansker…

The Danish newspaper Politiken are doing a campaign for integration into Danish society. This basically involves Danish people from different backgrounds wearing t-shirts printed with the sentence “Jeg er også […]

Swedish Radio visits…

A lovely journalist called Maria visited us on Monday.  Maria is the UK correspondent for Swedish Radio and she wanted to have a little chat to us about what it […]

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