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Need a place to meet before Pride?


Need a song to sing to help you get that aquavit down?

Want to find out what Midsummer is like? Read extract from Nørth here.

Swedish midsummer frog dance

The words to the song where you dance like a frog.

Learn how to do a proper Scandi midsummer at home.

Not sure what to do for 17th of May yet?

Oh yes - Eurovision bingo is back - make sure to get yours.


Yep, it's Eurovision season again - time to refresh some facts!

Join us for aquavit tasting with Jon Anders on the 12th April.

Bake with us

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Special events and happenings. From St. Lucia in our cafe, to 17. mai and midsummer celebrations both with us and selected partners.

Can't make it to store? Don't worry. We deliver across the UK and EU to curb your cravings wherever you are.

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