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It's easy to make the mustard crumb topping (julskinka griljering) for a traditional Swedish Christmas ham - here's how-to, in a few easy steps.

ScandiKitchen Fika Table

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WIN a big box of Scandinavian salty liquorice - can you handle it?

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Meet our people


Meet our people: Tina, our Leading Lady.

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We would like you to meet… our Sally

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Pleased to meet you, Thom - meet the people at ScandiKitchen

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We are collecting underpants for the homeless of London. Send us a few pairs of new pants, please. All through November at our cafe. Because everybody deserves clean underpants.

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A recipe for Norwegian 'Skoleboller' buns - cardamom buns filled with creme patisserie and topped with coconut.


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Our London café is open 7 days a week – pop by and say HEJ. We also do great coffee, a wide selection of open sandwiches, breakfast items and really, really good cakes.


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