Recipe: Bilar (Cars) Mallow Rice Crispy Treat

Posted by Bronte Aurell | Food & Recipes, Scandi Life

Bilar Mallow Crispy Treats

Did you know ‘Bilar’ Candy is the most sold car in Sweden? And also the most popular sweet!

For a school cake sale with her kids, Bronte decided to make Rice Krispy Treats with a difference. Super chewy, fruity and popular amongst the kids! Okay, it’s definitely a treat…


Makes about 15-20 squares, depending on your sizing.

100g butter

100g white chocolate + 50g for topping

125g Bilar cars candy + 50g for topping (you can buy these at our place, plus Ikea and Ocado)

120g Rice Krispies


In a pan on low heat, start melting the butter, then add the Bilar. These will take a while to melt (they are tougher than marshmallows). Add the chocolate, too. Keep stirring. When the butter and chocolate has melted and the cars have started to break up (into little bits), take off the heat and add the rice crispies and stir.

Put the mixture into a lined tin around 20 x 30 and press down evenly all over. While it is still warm, add about 50g of Bilar cars to the top so they stick.

When the mixture has cooled down completely, melt the extra chocolate – leave a bit until finger warm – and then scatter over the squares. Wait for the chocolate to harden, then cut into equal sized squares.




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