How to make Saffron Semlor

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A wonderful hybrid of lussebullar saffron buns - and our favourite Semlor

We’ve been making these hybrid buns at the cafe lately – and people are really loving them – so we thought we’d give you a bit of a hint on how to make them at home.

First, you need to make a batch of Lussekatter / Saffron buns. These are traditionally eaten during Advent in Sweden and parts of Norway. It’s a yeast dough flavoured with ground saffron for a super intense colour and flavour hit (you can find ground saffron in our shop or grind your own in a pestle and motar).

Semlor are cream and marzipan buns eaten during Lent in Scandinavia. We never really make these buns outside of season, so this is a fun way to bring them back in December, without anyone calling the semlor-police.

Recipe for saffron buns can be found right here.

Makes 10 saffron semlor:

For the filling:

100g of almond paste minimum 50% almond. In our shop this is called mandelmassa. You can also make your own 50% marzipan at home.

A good dollop of custard or other vanilla pastry cream.

400ml whipping cream

1 tsp icing sugar + more to dust


Grate the marzipan and mix with the vanilla custard until it resembled a spreadable paste. You can add a bit of extra liquid if its too think (milk fine).

Whip the cream with the icing sugar until firm and put into a piping bag with a star nozzle.

Cut the buns open and place the ‘lids’ to one side. Spread the marzipan filling evenly across each buns, then pipe the whipped cream across so it covers. Yes, it’s a lot fo cream, but if you eat these in the dark it doesn’t count, we think. Place the lids back on, carefully, and then sift over a thin layer of icing sugar.

Ah, you’re welcome!

  • The Kitchen People x


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