Useful Norwegian Expressions

Posted by Scandinavian Kitchen | Fun stuff, Scandi Life
Norwegian is a useful language. Spoken by around 5 million in a country you’re unlikely to visit unless a special someone in your life has ties there, these 5 phrases are bound to come in handy.

Let us present, 5 very random Norwegian expressions:


Som hakka møkk – As chopped shit (pardon us) – Selling like chopped shit!
Hakka mokk - spraying manure


Klar som et egg – Ready as an egg – Ready to go, get started


Ha det som plommen i egget – Feel like an egg yolk – Being very comfortable


Silkeføre – silky conditions – relating to snow conditions when cross country skiing – it means things are going really well/easy.


Prikken over i-en; the dot above the I – meaning the thing that made the day – ‘the meal was great all over, and the dessert was just the dot over the i!’


Any others? Let us know in the comments.


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