Brown Cheese – Gudbrandsdalsost – A Norwegian Staple

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Brown Cheese – Everyday Hero #4

This is the fourth of six posts – each presenting one of our favourite everyday products. The things we eat again and again and that always provide a taste of home.

Brown cheese is something unique to Norway. Not very cheese-like at all, but as essential for your stereotypical Norwegian fridge. Referred to and sold as ‘brown cheese’, ski queen, goat’s cheese, geitost, caramel cheese, toffee cheese – you get the drill. Lots of names for something initially made to avoid wasting the by-product of cheese making, whey.

It comes in several varieties – the most famous is the red Gudbrandsdalsost, made from a mix of goat’s and cow’s milk, flotemysost, made from cow’s milk alone – this is milder in flavour and a dessert in itself , and Geitost. Geitost is made from 100% goat’s milk and has a sharper, richer flavour than the other – the connoisseur’s choice, if you’d like.

Brown Cheese Brunost Geitost Banner

All types go very well on fresh, still warm, bread – with a little dollop of raspberry jam or a drizzle of honey on top. A slather of salted butter underneath and prepare yourself for a cheese-nirvana. Or, take it one step further and make heart shaped waffles. A match made in Norway and loved everywhere. Oh, and if you know any homesick Norwegians – get them one of these.



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