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Fancy winning a signed copy of our new cookbook?

Would you normally drink champagne for breakfast?


Yep, it's Eurovision season again - time to refresh some facts!

In need of different ways to really annoy a Scandi? Here you go.

Salty liquorice

Curious about salty liquorice but not sure where to start? Here you go.

Join us for aquavit tasting with Jon Anders on the 12th April.

Banana Rye Bread

Want to learn how to bake our fabulous rye banana bread?

Open Sandwichesd

Learn about the Open Sandwich - and how to make them

Easter eggs

A list of things we like to eat around Easter.

Scandinavian Easter chickens

Weird and wonderful Scandi Easter facts for you.

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Scandi Life

Welcome to our daily thoughts. Here you’ll find everything from recipes to amusing bits and everything inbetween.


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