Den Originale Vestlands Lefsa – Soft Flatbread 350g


Den Originale Vestlands Lefsa – Soft Flatbread 350g – Traditional Norwegian flatbread for sweet or savoury fillings.

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Vestlandslefsa is as popular in Norway today as when it was launched in the 1950s. It is a thin wheat flatbread that is dried for storage. To use, you leave it to soften under a damp cloth before filling with your choice of sweet or savoury fillings – we love it with butter, cinnamon and sugar for a sweet treat, or spread with cream cheese and smoked salmon for a savoury version. How to: Gently dampen the thin lefse to bring to life, then cover with a wet cloth for 20 minutes before using. Add your fillings and slice up before serving.

Sweet cinnamon filling; 100g softened butter, 1 tbs cream, 4-5 tbsp sugar, 4-5 tbsp cinnamon.
Beat together until a smooth paste and spread evenly over the lefsa. Cut into rectangular pieces and enjoy with a cup of strong coffee.
Savoury salmon filling: 250g cream cheese, e.g. Philadelphia or Snofrisk, Good handful of chopped chives or finely chopped spring onion, 200g smoked salmon, Pepper

Beat the cheese to make it easier spreadable, then spread across the lefsa in an even layer. Sprinkle over the chopped chives or spring onion and a good grind of pepper. Layer the salmon over in an even layer. You may not need the full amount. Roll the lefsa up carefully and cut into 3-4 cm chunks – a great nibble for any get together – pierce with a cocktail stick for easy handling.


Store in a cool, dry place.

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WHEAT Flour, sugar, margarine, raising agent (Ammonium bicarbonate, baking soda), BUTTERMILK powder, salt.

Nutritional information per 100g

Energy 1400 kJ 335 kcal, Protein 5.5 g, Carbohydrates 44.0 g, Sugars 16.0 g, Fat 15.0 g, of which Saturated 6.6 g, Sodium 0.2g

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