Jästbolagets Kronjäst – Fresh Yeast 50g – 2-pack

Jästbolagets Kronjäst – Fresh Yeast 50g – 2-pack – Fresh yeast for all your Scandinavian baking.

Kronjäst should be stirred into lukewarm dough liquid (about 38 ° C) or cold dough liquid (about 10 ° C) during cold fermentation. Next, mix with all the other baking ingredients before you work it all together until the dough is smooth and elastic.

This is a chilled product. Keep refrigerated below 5C.

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Too much yeast in your fridge? Nearing expiry? You can freeze it – but pop it into a bag because it will go liquid when you defrost it. If using previously frozen yeast we recommend upping the quantity slightly – by 10% or so. 

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Fresh yeast.

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