Eurovision Party Essentials

Want to host your own Eurovision party? Or been invited to one and feel like bringing some Scandi goodies? Scroll down – we’ve made the selection for you.


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Eurovision Party Essentials

Eurovision Essentials; Sweets & Snacks 

Eurovision is big in Scandinavia. Many people love it – many people hate it (or claim to do so) – but everyone has an opinion on it. The SK crew? We love it. Any excuse to get together, wear sequins, play Eurovision Bingo (it’s a thing), get together and generally be merry.

If you go to Scandinavia this time of year, chances are you’ll be invited to a Eurovision party. Or perhaps you fancy hosting your own this year (shorter way home that way)?

To host your own, snacks are important. Preferably Scandinavian snacks – we’ve put together a little selection to help you navigate the murky waters of Scandi snacks.

Whilst we wait:
    Danish Snack Bundle
    - +
    Swedish Snack Bundle
    - +
    Norwegian Snack Bundle
    - +


Une point: Crisps and Cheez Doodles


Extra point: Dip – No Scandi would serve crisps without a dip.


Deux points: Sweets and Pick’n’Mix


Trois points: Liquorice – A Scandi staple. Choose your favourite – sweet or salty.


Quatre points: Chocolate – We would suggest getting a few different flavours.

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