Freia Kvikklunsj – Chocolate Covered Wafers 6-Pack


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Freia Kvikklunsj – Chocolate Covered Wafer 6-pack – Norway’s version of Kit Kat – crispy wafers covered in creamy smooth milk chocolate. Known as the hiking chocolate.

When Kvikk Lunsj – literally ‘quick lunch’ was launched – its nutritional value was emphasised – it was hailed as a brilliant meal for those in need of energy. Just picture it – tall blonde Nowegians with ruddy red cheeks and knitted jumpers, hiking every chance they get – breaking for a kvikk lunsj (and an orange, if it’s Easter or skiing involved). Marketeers even claimed it held the same nutritional value as an egg, two pieces of bread and a glass of milk! We won’t get into that discussion – we’ll simply tell you that it is a delicious chocolate that tastes best when enjoyed outside in nature. The four fingers mean it’s ideal for sharing, but we recommend getting more than one. It really is that good.

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Sugar, powdered MILK, cocoa BUTTER, cocoa mass, WHEAT flour, vegetable fat (shea, palm, coconut), emulsifier, corn starch, salt, raising agent, flavour.
Per 100g: Energy 2239kJ/536kcal; carbohydrate 57g (of which sugars 46g), 30g fat (of which saturates 19g), fiber 2.2g, protein 8g, salt 0.73g.

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