Mors Flatbrød – Thin Crispy Flatbread 520g


Mors Flatbrod – Thin Crispy Flatbread 520g – Norwegian crispy wheat flatbread, traditionally served with stew or Norwegian charcuterie.

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Mum’s flatbread’ is a traditional Norwegian dish – always on the table if there is lapskaus (meat and vegetable stew) involved. Enjoy on the side, with a bit of butter if you’re so inclined (we are!) or crumbled on top for a nice added crunch. For 17. mai it is often served with cold cuts alongside sour cream porridge – ‘Rommegrot’.

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Wholemeal RYE, WHEAT and oats (82%), water, sifted RYE flour, salt, WHEAT bran (1%).

Nutritional information per 100g

Energy 1528 kJ 362 kcal, Fat 1.6g, Of which saturates 0.4g, Carbohydrates 72 g, Of which sugars 4.7g, Protein 9.1 g, Salt 1.2g


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