Mjalloms Havre Tunnbrod – Oat Flatbread 120g


Mjalloms Havre Tunnbrod – Oat Flatbread 120g – Perfectly baked, crisp oat flatbreads.

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Traditional Swedish thinbreads. A lovely, crisp addition to the bread basket, and great topped with smoked or hot smoked salmon. It is also the traditional bread for surstromming – give it a go with some sourcream, boiled potato and finely chopped red onion. 

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WHEAT flour, OAT flour (23%), RYE flour, syrup, WHEAT GLUTEN, salt, dry yeast, ammonium bicarbonate.
Per 100g: Energy 1450 kJ / 340 kcal, fat 2.5g (of which saturated 0.4g), carbohydrates 67g (of which sugar 2g), fibre 4g, protein 12g, salt 1.1g.


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