Pagen Lingongrova – Rye and Lingonberry Bread

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Pågen Lingongrova – Rye and Lingonberry Bread – Swedish rye bread with lingonberries. 

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Lingongrova is Sweden’s best selling bread. Made with wholegrain rye, sourdough and lingonberry, it has a lovely balance of flavours. Great with strong flavoured cheeses or pates in particular, but any topping goes. 

PLEASE NOTE: This product was frozen before it was shipped. It will defrost during shipping so we recommend using is straight away or re-freezing it. The best before dates on the bag is for the unfrozen version; we may ship bread that is past its best before date.

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Wheat flour, water, rye flour, whole wheat flour * rye and wheat, rye, syrup (glucose, fructose and sucrose), sliced wholegrain *, sourdough wheat and wholegrain * (4%), wort barley, wheat gluten, wheat bran, rapeseed oil, yeast , sugar, lingonberry (1.5%), red currant, fermented flour and salt.* Whole grains Content: 22%, representing 30% of the dry weightWeight per unit: 500 g
Per 100g: Energy 1100 kJ/260 kcal, Fat 3.5g (of which saturates 0.4g) Carbohydrates 46g (of which sugars 9.0g), Fiber 6.5 g, Protein 8.5 g, Salt 0.7g

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