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Meatballs - Lingonberry Jam


We tested the new Swedish craze of princess semlor (prinsesssemla) at ScandiKitchen - a hybrid of princess cake and Semlor. YUM!

Kalles Kaviar


Scandinavians have little weird food habits... Here are some of our favourites.

Danish Rye Bread Amo


It's easy to make the mustard crumb topping (julskinka griljering) for a traditional Swedish Christmas ham - here's how-to, in a few easy steps.

Swedish Meatball Sandwich Step by Step


Typisk norsk matpakke

cinnamon buns - cinnamon rolls - skillingsboller

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Food & Recipes

Our favourite Scandinavian Recipes. From our homes, our friends, our families and our book – the ScandiKitchen Cookbook.


Recipes for Scandinavian Food
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