Blossa Vinglögg Box 10% – Mulled Wine BiB 2000ml



Blossa Vinglögg Box 10% – Mulled Wine BiB 2000ml – Swedish mulled wine with seasonal spices. Enjoy warm, serve with ginger thins.

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Blossa glögg is the most popular ready made mulled wine in the whole of Sweden. Brewed with traditional spices such as cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, ginger and orange. This is the Bag in box version with 2 lites (equivalent to just under 3 bottles) – good to last you through Decemeber or if you’re having guests.
How to: Gently heat the mulled wine in a saucepan – take care not to heat it too much or the alcohol will evaporate (80 degrees celcius is about right). Serve in little cups with raisins and flaked almonds. Serve with ginger thins. Please note this product can only be purchased by people 18 and over.

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