Every one of the people who have worked with us have had great qualities in common – mainly that they’re all great with people, brilliant at what they do – and have their own stories to tell.

When we’re looking for someone to join the team, we’re after those qualities.

We offer competitive rates of pay, a lovely environment to work in and a lot of free meatballs.

Kitchen / Barista

Looking for lots of Christmas Warehouse Elves


Job: Kitchen/Barista full time
ScandiKitchen (Oxford Circus, London)
In Norway, apparently someone who can do everything is often described as a potato. Being a ‘potato’ is a really positive thing: it’s someone who is just good at everything. Are you our lovely new potato? 😘
This role is a bit like that: We’re looking for that special someone who loves both front and back of house. We’ve got just one more spot to fill at the café to be ready for the busy season at our café in Central London – and we’re looking for someone who can take on the challenge of half Barista/ half kitchen.
In this job you’ll be:
– Working front of house, making coffee and serving our lovely café customers and retail customers.
– Working in the kitchen making open sandwiches, cakes, salads
– Preparing breakfasts and some catering orders
– Keeping everything clean and organised and sticking to procedures.
Some weeks will be more kitchen than others – and some weeks the other way around. This role is great because it gives you training in both areas (we’re are planning a new café early next year, so there will be new opportunities to move to different levels and roles).
Skills and experiences required:
We’re looking for someone with some kitchen experience. Whilst we can teach you to make coffee and serve in the cafe, it does take a certain type of person to work in a busy prep kitchen. You need to have worked in any type of professional kitchen area (whether fast food or restaurant or café; anything goes – as long as it is food prep).
– Fast, energetic, precise and good attention to detail
– Don’t stress easily
– Really lovely people skills – you get on with everyone around you and you love dealing with people.
– Good work ethic and hard working.
– Ideally, you speak a Nordic language.
The role is full time and it starts soon. Pay in line with experience. We warn you that we all have a bit of a weakness for festive music and Christmas is jolly and full of Scandi hygge in our café.
Want to hear the great news? We’re closed at Christmas – which means you get to be off from 24th Dec- 1st Jan (we know this is often a sticky point for those wishing to travel home for the festive season).
CV and Cover letter as soon as possible to bronte@scandikitchen.co.uk
More about us here www.Scandikitchen.co.uk

Are you a helpful elf? Are you a really nice person, hardworking and with lots of energy?

We’d love to hear from you.

Every Christmas, we get really, really busy at the warehouse.

Lots of Scandies in the UK feel homesick and want Scandinavian food. For this reason, we always have a team of lovely people (we call them The Elves) helping from September until Christmas.

This is working on your feet all day picking and packing orders in our warehouse in North West London, making sure people who want Scandinavian food for Christmas get the right things, well packed and quickly.

The work is full time hours (approx. 40 hours), mostly weekdays. There will be two shifts a day (you can either do early shift or the later shift).

You will need to be available to work for the whole season – but the roles have different lengths:

  • Job 1 starts 23rd September until 20th December
  • Job 2 starts 1 Oct until 20th December
  • Job 3 starts 7th October until 20th December
  • Job 4 starts 14th October until 20th December
  • Job 5 starts 21st October until 20th December
  • Job 6 starts 28th October until 22nd December

Fancy it? Write to bronte@scandikitchen.co.uk and attach your CV. Don’t forget to tell us which of the jobs you are applying for.

Notes: All roles except reception involve some form of lifting, some more than others. Warehouse roles are based in Park Royal NW10 7QQ. You need to be able to commit to the whole period. You need good spoken English and right to live and work in the UK.

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