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Café Menu. ScandiKitchen is all about food from all over Scandinavia. In our café, we serve open sandwiches and have a large grocery selection with over 600 goodies from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

Scandinavian food is all about staple Nordic ingredients. Whether it’s our magnificent crispbreads, tasty salmon and herring, or the more specific salty liquorice varieties, we’ve got it covered. Both ex-pats and Scandi-loving foodies reckon ScandiKitchen is their Narnia.

Pop by for an open sandwich or three if you’re in central London, or visit our webshop for a large range of traditional and gourmet foods.

It’s all about good food with love – from Scandinavia.

Love, the Kitchen People x

Address :  61 Great Titchfield Street, London, W1W 7PP – Find Map here

Scandinavian food

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Breakfast Menu

Take a peek here of what we offer at the cafe every day until 11 am:



New Lunch Menu 


Choose from a mixture of the daily selection of open sandwiches, wraps and salads below to make up your favourite lunch. Three pieces is a light lunch, five is for the hungry.

Light Lunch : 3 pieces – £5.95 t/a £6.50 e/i

Full Lunch : 5 pieces –  £8.95 t/a £9.95 e/i

Single : 1 piece – £2.25 each


Open sandwiches

Swedish Tunnbrod (flat rye and wheat wrap) (3 recipes per day)


Hot Stuff

Sweet treats

We love to bake, and have a different selection of freshly made cakes every day, at just £2.75 a slice. Some of our favourites are :

You can also choose a tasty smaller sweet treat, including

Please note that not all toppings are available every day as we change things according to seasons, availability and Rebekka’s mood.
Some of our food contains nuts and seeds– and we can never guarantee nut free or free of traces of nuts as nuts are used and stored in our kitchen.

NOTE: For catering orders, please refer to our specific catering menu.


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