Wonderful Copenhagen

Sometimes, even cafe owners get to go on business trips. Jonas and Bronte went to Copenhagen last week and it was very exciting to be all business like again. Not least because it gave us a chance to pop in and say hello to our good friend Mariann Willumsen who owns and run a fantastic traditional Danish restaurant in the heart of Copenhagen.

Mariann helped us way back in the day and she is of the same opinion as us that Scandinavian food is all about great ingredients – and not too much messing with them. It is not about bells and whistles, it is about taste and tradition.

If you’re ever in Copenhagen and you want to eat REAL Danish foodwhen in Denmark, pop into see her – her Restaurant Willumsen LINK http://www.restaurantwillumsen.dk/ is located just off the main street, Strøget, pretty much.



You can find Mariann and all her wonderful staff at Willumsen, 26 St Regnegade, Copenhagen. Please do say we said hello.


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