Where did Joey Tempest go?

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Where did Joey Tempest go?

Sometimes we wonder about things. Like, why is he called Swedish Chef when he sounds Norwegian? Why do Danes talk like they have a potato in their mouth?

And sometimes, we just wonder: where did our favourite people go?


For some of us, Europe was the first concert, the first CD back in 1982 (because there were no CDs before that?) and maybe even first kiss, slow dancing to Carrie.  Where did they go? Do they still have perms?

The answer is: No perms. Less leather. Still travelling the world worrying about impending doom and final countdown. Catch Europe on tour here in the UK in September. Also, Joey is still hot (please can we have some free tickets?).



Ah, Jonas aka Basshunter has released six albums (Six?!). We disowned him when he released his version of Jingle Bells and we no longer love him as much. Maybe one day he will redeem himself and write more songs about boats. Or robots, whatever. Find him on basshunter.se and his instragram.

Alexander Rybak

That little guy with the violin who won Eurovision? You remember Fairytale? He grew up, although he is still not very tall but he is still famous in all of Norway and Sweden.

We thought we had lost him to the halls of forgetfulness, but he is BACK and he is representing Norway at this year’s Eurovision in Lisbon.

Ace of Base

Did you see the sign? We did. For years, the song never stopped. One of them lived next door to our Jonas, but that was about it. We have no other fun facts about them – other than they have sold 30 million copies worldwide, making it the third-most successful Swedish band of all time, after ABBA and Roxette.

Sadly the group split – one by one, they departed and the last we heard was a compilation back in 2015. As the glory of the 90’s return, we would expect someone to offer them a big clump of money sometime soon to do a reunion concert at some festival near Wolverhampton. We’d definitely go.


The most profitable Danish band ever wasn’t even completely Danish. Aqua sold over 33 million records across the world and I’m a Barbie girl is still etched into the brains of ever man, woman and child over the age of 10 today.

One of the singers was Norwegian, so we are calling it: Danish/Norwegian band. Yeah, we can do that.

Currently, you can plan to see Aqua at various festivals across Denmark this summer. Height of our careers? When they popped by ScandiKitchen to say hi. Almost as good as the time Joey Tempest popped by, but not quite.

Here’s a reminder of a song that is also etched into your brain.


Yeah, you may be a Millennial, but you’ll still know A-HA when you hear it. Such an iconic song from the 80’s – and all the oldies still start bopping their heads from side to side when it comes on at the pub.

The thing is about the 3 Norwegian boys from the band: They never aged. They look approximately the same they did in 1985 when Take on Me topped the UK charts. Also, the 3 guys used to live around the corner from the café before they got famous.  We like A-Ha a lot, even if they are probably robots.


For years, every party in the UK wouldn’t be complete without a Saturday Night Dance off on the dance floor.

Where is she now? In 2018, she was a contestant on Danish Eurovision with Boys on Girls – but didn’t quite make it to the final. Still touring, mostly on Saturday nights.

Laid Back

No, you probably don’t remember them. But we do. And it’s still played every summer. We suspect the video was filmed whilst on a package holiday with Spies Rejser to somewhere with palm trees.

No tour planned for 2018, but they are still going.


It must have been love. It’s still love. We will always love Roxette (and it will always make us think of Pretty Woman and that scene in the limo where she rescues him right back).

One half of Roxette is still active – Per is touring, but without Marie.

Who did we forget? Comments below, please.

– The Kitchen People x


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