What’s it gonna be?

Bronte and Jonas are preparing for the arrival of another nipper and the guys in the shop have started to take bets if it will be a boy or girl, a Swede or a Dane or maybe a true Scandinavian?

Most importantly, though, is the naming of the little squid: Bronte favours the old Scandinavian name of Elvis for a boy and Jonas is still trying to find any excuse not to agree to that.

Any good suggestions for both boys and girls names are appreciated – must be Scandinavian in origin, easy to pronounce in most languages and ideally something that works with the surname “Aurell” (any votes for Marcus Aurell(ius) will be ignored by Bronte). The old Swedish names “Odd” and “Jerk” and “Bent” are also blacklisted by the wife.

ETA is about 8 weeks. If you don’t see Bronte around for a while, it is probably okay to ask.



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