Tuut tuut. That’s the sound of our trumpet again.

While we always appreciate constructive feedback, we also love it when you say lovely things. Only a few weeks ago, the lovely Mathilde wrote a really nice thing about us here LINK http://mathildescuisine.wordpress.com/2010/04/15/scandinavian-kitchen-an-introduction-to-the-nordic-diet/ and we’ve had more mentions around the place than we have room to chat about here. Flattering and lovely, thanks.

Never the less, we found this little write up from Slow Food Guide LINK http://www.slowguides.com/?p=927 . It was short, precise and our ears glowed bright pink after reading it. Thank you. Here it is, but do also have a look at the site, it has stuff about London, Sydney, Dublin and Melbourne too.

How do you say ‘love’ in Swedish?
Scandinavian Kitchen, we heart you. Your delicious food, your friendly service, the art on your walls. Your open arms (‘to hell with geography: as long as you like ice hockey and Eurovision, you can join our gang’). Scandinavian Kitchen, thanks for always finding time for a chat and a laugh amid the efficient service so necessary in Great Titchfield Street. We heart your light-heartedness (‘please speak up, we’re hard of herring,’ your T-shirts joke; there are old Abba records plastered on your bathroom walls). The groceries and sweets decorating your cosy space, and the Monmouth coffee served in your Scandinavia-is-oh-so-stylish cups. We heart your Nordic way of eating: warm porridge for breakfast, smorgasbord of meats and cheeses for lunch, fresh-baked cinnamon buns at any time. Your tips for eating healthily, especially number nine: ‘Eat sitting down. Don’t rush. Don’t eat on the go. It’s not very good for the digestion and you’ll never catch a Scandinavian trying to munch an open herring sandwich whilst waiting for Bus 38.’ Oh, Scandinavian Kitchen, can we be together forever?

Thanks, Slow Food Guide London. We heart you too.


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