Things you can do with Cheez Doodles

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Just because you can, does not necessarily mean you should.

So, we wanted to blog a bit about cheeze doodles because we thought they were such a Swedish/Scandi thing. As it turns out, you can get them in America (and they were probably invented there also. Well, we guess it might be the case, seeing as it’s not exactly up there with volvos, zippers and dynamite in the scale of invensions the Swedes normally focus their time on).

Anyway, the month April and May is also known as Doodles-season, mainly due to Eurovision. In parts of Sweden, watching Eurovision without a bowl of Cheez Doodles in front of you is considered socially deviant.

We googled it and found that in America, some people are even more Cheez Doodle obsessed:

You can bake with cheez Doodles…

you can make art with it…

Or take a bath in it.

Weirdos. Just eat them, covered in glow-in-the-dark dip-mix of varous flavours and be done with it.


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