They did it. She said JA!

On Saturday, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden said JA to Daniel, fitness trainer of Sweden. Now they are man and wife and the whole country celebrated with them until the wee hours of the morning. Apparently, Per from Roxette was among the last to leave the party, at 5 am. We are guessing he was the one jumping up and down on the sofa, singing “she’s got the look” into an empty snaps bottle. All sing: Na na na na naaa.

The party was amazing, apparently: a bit like a deck of cards with 6 kings and nine queens. A few jacks and no jokers and it was almost a full house. (see what we did there? Bada bing).

We here at Scandi Kitchen wish the couple all the best for their future and we hope their unison will bring about many little new Swedes each bearing at least 6 middle names.


There were 1200 guests at the wedding. There are not 1200 people in this picture, no, but have you ever tried to get 1200 people together without anyone doing secret rabbit ears behind someone’s head? Well, you try it. We bet their still had to ‘photoshop’ this picture, taking out Danish Prince Henrik’s rabbit ears on Carl Gustav. We wouldn’t put it past him.


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