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WIN this massive box of treats

November 29, 2018 | Leave a comment

Literally the best competition ever. Wanna win this favourite Christmas box of ours worth over £80? Yes, delivered to your door before the big day. Enter by answering this question:

What are the names of the members of ABBA?
a) Anni-Frid, Berit, Björn, Anton
b) Agneta, Benny, Björn, Anni-Frid
c) Anders, Björn, Bent, Agneta

Answer to iloveherring@scandikitchen.co.uk before 11th December.

Competition terms:
One winner will be selected at random from all correct entries. UK addresses only for delivery. No alternative prize, one entry per email. By sending us an email with the answer you also agree for us to add your name to our mailing list (if it’s not on there already). We reserve the right to substitute items if needed. We may publish the first and last name of the winner on our website. Not open to employees of ScandiKitchen, they already have access to too many sweets anyway. No cheating. Usual competition rules apply. Questions? Ask us. Yes, the deadline is 11th December at midnight. The prize will be shipped a few days after this date.

    Smash – Choc Covered Corn Snacks 100g
    O’Boy Chokladdryck Big Pack – Instant Chocolate Milk 700g
    Marabou Mjolkchoklad Daim – Milk Chocolate With Daim 200g

WIN all our four lovely cookbooks

September 21, 2018 | Leave a comment

WIN all of our 4 cookbooks, signed

This is a fancy competition indeed.

To celebrate the launch of our new ScandiKitchen Christmas Cookbook (out October 2018), we’re giving a way the full set of our Cookbooks: ‘The ScandiKitchen’, ‘Fika & Hygge’, ‘Summer’ and ‘Christmas’.

Our four cookbooks, all published by Ryland, Peter and Small, cover traditional Mamma-cooking from all over Scandinavia. With the full set of cookbooks, you’ll be able to whip up anything from open sandwiches, rye bread, meatballs, Danish pastries, cinnamon buns in many varieties, semlor, salads and much more.

You can find all our books right here

To be in with a chance of winning all of our books, written by our Bronte Aurell, all signed, you need to do two things:

1. Make sure you are signed up to our e-mail list (click here)

2 Answer this question:

ABBA the band came from which Nordic country

  1. Norway
  2. Sweden
  3. Iceland

Ping your answer to iloveherring@scandikitchen.co.uk before Wednesday 26th September 2018.

A winner will be picked from all the correct entries where the e-mail address is also signed up to our mailing list (if you’re already on there, no need to re-subscribe).

Good luck!

Terms: One winner, one prize, no alternative prize (one of each book, no changes), UK addresses only (although we can ship to EU countries, but winner pays the difference in postage to a UK address by arrangement). No cash value. We reserve the right to end competition at any time. Winner picked at random. Judges decision is final. Winner must be on our mailing list and have answered the question correctly. By signing up to our mailing list you agree to receive communication from ScandiKitchen Ltd. Your address will never be shared with third parties. Usual other terms also apply. Phew, that was a lot! Really, just don’t cheat; nobody likes a cheater.


WIN our new ScandiKitchen Christmas Cookbook

September 6, 2018 | Leave a comment

WIN a signed copy of our new ScandiKitchen Christmas book!

We’re so very excited to share our new book with you.

Following on from the massive successes of our Bronte’s other five books, ScandiKitchen Christmas is the book she always wanted to write and share. Her favourite time of the year by far – and a book with all the recipes she hopes her London born Danish-Swedish children one day will use in their own homes. It was written with lots of love during last year’s cold days.

The book is stuffed full of traditional recipes – from Swedish ham to Danish meatballs, rice pudding, biscuits, glögg, æbleskiver, honey cake, advent canapés and much, much more.

The book is available to pre-order on Amazon right now –and as soon as stock is released towards the end of September, signed copies will be available on our website here, too. Of course, it will also be available in all good bookshops.

To celebrate the release, we’re giving away signed copies of the book – that 3 lucky winners will receive before the book is officially released!

To be in with a chance of winning, tag yourself in our instagram post right here.

Deadline: 11/9/2018 at midnight.

We’ll pick the winners at random from tags in the post on Wednesday 12th September 2018 and post the books shortly after.

The book ScandiKitchen Christmas is published by Ryland, Peters and Small with photography by Pete Cassidy. Styling by Tony Hutchinson and Kathy Kordalis.

Press enquiries to alex@nudgepr.co.uk

WIN The Bridge DVD Box Set Seasons 1-4

May 24, 2018 | Leave a comment


WIN The Bridge DVD Box Set Seasons 1-4

Love The Bridge? Want to keep Saga Noren in your life on 13 DVDs after the last episode of the popular Swedish/Danish crime drama Season 4 of The Bridge (Broen/Bron) has aired on BBC2? Then you want to enter this competition to be in with a chance to win the complete box set for Season 1-4. Just imagine the binge weekend up ahead!

ScandiKitchen has teamed up with Arrow Films for this fantastic prize to celebrate the release of the DVD Box Set of The Bridge (out 29th June 2018):

You can win:

• Box Set of The Bridge Seasons 1-4 on DVD/Blue Ray
• A big box of Swedish goodies to eat while you watch it
• A big box of Danish goodies to eat while you watch it
• A ‘I wish I were Danish/Swedish’ T-shirt from ScandiKitchen

We’ll make sure the winner has the Box Set as soon as it is released so you have time to plan your long weekend, turn the phone off and tell the world you’ve gone away to a dark, dark place.

To be in with a chance to win, just answer this question:

How long is The Bridge connecting Denmark and Sweden? (the bridge, not tunnel bit)

a) 5,492m
b) 7,845 m
b) 14,341m

Answers to iloveherring@scandikitchen.co.uk before 15th June 2018. Winner will be picked from all correct entries.

Usual competition rules apply – including no alternative prize, the prize has no cash value, no cheating, one winner only. The responsibility of this competition lies with ScandiKitchen and Arrow Films. One entry per email.

Catch The Bridge Season 4 now on BBC2 on Friday evenings and on BBC Iplayer.

Swedish Valdemar and Almost-Danish Adam, posing with the box of goodies. What handsome chaps indeed.

The Bridge – hotdog style

May 18, 2018 | Leave a comment


The Bridge – hotdog style

When it comes to food, we Danes and Swedes have our little differences. Take our hotdogs, for example – and here’s our The Bridge Hot Dog version. Do you prefer you hotdog Danish or Swedish?!

The hugely popular Nordic noir TV series The Bridge Season 4 is currently showing on BBC 2 on Friday nights. It is the final series and the one that will hopefully provide all the answers.

For those who do not know, the story started when a body was found on the bridge that connects Denmark with Sweden – with half of the body on the Danish side, half on the Swedish, forcing the two crime teams to work together.

For us Scandies, The Bridge provide an amazing way to experience both different languages spoken in one series, with everybody understanding what is going on. The funny thing is, there’s only 600 words difference between Danish and Swedish, so we actually do understand each other most of the time, even when we just speak our own languages.

Watch this space for an upcoming competition to win the entire box set of The Bridge season 1-4 along with LOTS of Danish and Swedish goodies to go with it. More details will be released next week. A massive 13 DVDs: you will literally not need to leave your house for the entire weekend if you win this box set and all that food.

We’ll be running this competition together with the nice people at Arrow Films. More next week.

WIN ScandiKitchen Summer Cookbook

April 20, 2018 | Leave a comment


WIN ScandiKitchen Summer Cookbook

The sun is finally here and we’re celebrating by giving away one of our fancy new ScandiKitchen Summer cookbooks, signed by Bronte Aurell. Oh, and we may just include some Scandi sweet treats, too, for the winner.

Swedish Mess

Danish breakfast rolls

You can buy signed copies of the book here 

To be in with a chance to win, all you have to do is answer this ridiculously easy question:

Which of these is not a famous Scandinavian singer?

1. Sigrid
2. Peter Schmeichel
3. Zara Larsson

Send your answer to iloveherring@scandikitchen.co.uk before Tuesday 24/4/2018 and we’ll pick a winner at random from all correct entries.

Terms: UK residents only (it’s a legal thing, guys), one entry per email, winner will be picked at random. No prize alternative, no cash value. No cheating.

ScandiKitchen Summer is published by RPS. Photographs by Pete Cassidy.


Pimp my Gingerbread House 2017

November 23, 2017 | Leave a comment


Pimp my Gingerbread House 2017

It’s time for the annual Pimp my Gingerbread House Competition, now in it’s 7th year.

Every year we ask you to take a gingerbread house kit (you can get one here or at that place that sells great value book cases… and at many other stores). We want to see what you can do with it! This competition is not about the basic baking of a gingerbread house – but much more about what you can do with what comes out of a packet (or two, if you want to make one house out of several packs).

You can decorate, chop, move, glue, add-to, mix together, chop in half, dip in glitter – whatever you want, as long as you use the basic set as a base. In the past, we have had anything from Zombie houses, Norwegian stave Churches, an X-Factor house, Murder in the Gingerbread House, Dragons, Trolls and even an almost life sized Sandi Toksvig made out of icing who lived in the house for a while.

This year, we have narrowed the categories a bit. We have two categories:

1. Adult – creative, stunning, detailed – we’ll choose one main winner.
2. Kids (any age – we’ll judge it based on whether it’s a 3 year old who loves unicorns or a 14 year old who loves glitter). One winner in this category also.

What you need to do:
Make a gingerbread house, take a few photos – then send them to iloveherring@scandikitchen.co.uk before 18th December 2017 – we’ll pick a winner and let them know by email so we can get the prize to them on the last shipment before the big day (hopefully) or for pick up in store before 23rd December. If you choose to tag it on social media, please use either #Pimpmygingerbreadhouse or #PMGH

The Prizes

Adult: A massive lovely box of treats – from Bronte’s book North (signed), ginger biscuits, chocolates, mulled wine, marzipan and much more – value around £75

Kids: So many sweets your parents wont talk to us for a good long while.

The small print:
Two prizes offered, one for each category. We will post some pictures on instagram but not all. We reserve the right to post pictures you send in. No alternative prize, no cash alternative. One winner per category. No purchases necessary (any gingerbread template will be accepted as long as it is in similar shape with the basic one we also sell. This is a fun competition, not Masterchef – enjoy it and have fun. The winner will be picked by 3 of us and we’ll have a vote and our decision is final.

Show Us Your Buns

September 28, 2017 | Leave a comment

Cinnamon Bun Day

Use #ShowUsYourBuns on social media so we can find you.

The countdown is on to Sweden’s most favourite day of the year. No, not Kalles Kaviar-day. No, not Snabbmakaronens day… We are, of course, talking about Cinnamon Bun Day (Kanelbullensdag)

Oh, glorious cinnamon bun. Adopted and bastardised by the Americans (that’s when you know you’ve made it in life) who covers them in icing and caramel and we don’t even know (Swedes will never do that). But what we do know is this – a cinnamon bun, whichever way it comes, is lovely. Comforting in its aromatic, plush little curvy self – as delicious with a cup of strong black coffee for breakfast, as with a glass of ice cold cordial on a sunny summer afternoon or split in half and turned into Swedish French toast (oh yes we did!).

Enough talk – on to the buns. This year, as every year – we’d love to see your buns. Big buns, small buns, wonky buns, shiny buns, plain buns or perfect buns. Rolled or knotted or swirled or #failed.

Use #ShowUsYourBuns on social media so we can find you!

There’s only one rule – they have to be homemade, by you alone or as a team effort, and contain cinnamon (OK, that’s two rules). Take a picture and email it to us – we will share the best ones on our instagram and Facebook page. We may pick a lucky winner, too – one lucky person wins a copy of our new book Nørth and a big box of Scandinavian goodies (we’re talking chocolate, liquorice and more).

So, ready steady bake!

Click here for some of our favourite bun recipes – but you don’t have to use one of ours, if you have a favourite recipe or another one you want to try, go for it.

Mail your photos to iloveherring@scandikitchen.co.uk before noon 6th October. Usual competition rules apply.

WIN an entire case of KvikkLunsj! (64 bars)

June 2, 2017 | Leave a comment

WIN a huge amount of Kvikk Lunsj

A few weeks ago, Kvikklunsj once again beat KitKat in the court case about KitKat trying to copyright the four-finger chocolate bar.

Kvikklunsj has been around for decades – and is the most favoured chocolate bar by all Norwegians in the world. And to be fair, most people who taste Kvikklunsj go to the other side soon after. It’s truly delicious.

Kvikklunsj (made by Freia Chocolates) is so iconic in Norway – no Norwegian will dream of going on a hike or skiing without one of these in his pocket. And an orange. You must always bring an orange, too (balance and all that).

Anyway, you can read ALL about the day when The Guardian did a taste test between Kvikklunsj and Kitkat here.

We’ve decided to give away a whole, full box of Kvikklunsj. That is a LOT of Kvikklunsj – more than a month’s worth if you eat one every day. In fact, it’s 64 bars of chocolates – times four fingers. That’s a LOT. This could also be used as a treat for a class of school children on a trip. It could keep your colleagues in the office SO happy and brighten up their afternoon. Or maybe you just want to have a Kvikklunsj party? Or just keep them ALL to yourself?

To enter, tell us how you would share your box of Kvikklunsj. Or not. And why.

We will simply pick a winner from the pile of good answers.

Send your entry to: Iloveherring@scandikitchen.co.uk before Monday 5th June at midday.

Rules: We can only have one winner – who will be picked by random of all entries where people have told us what they intend to do with their box of Kvikklunsj. We reserve the right to talk on social media about some of these suggestions. One winner only. No alternative. UK only. No cash alternative. One entry per person. Our decision is final. If you eat them all on your own, sorry, but you might need to buy some pants with elasticated waistbands – not our fault.

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