Swedish Lingonberry Jam – The All-Rounder

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Meatballs - Lingonberry Jam


Rårörda Lingon – Everyday Hero #2

This is the second of six posts – each presenting one of our favourite everyday products. The things we eat again and again and that always provide a taste of home. Read the first one here.

Across the world, Swedes are known for a handful of things. Flat-pack furniture, pretty girls and meatballs. But Swedish meatballs, like any great contender, is nothing without its supporting act – the lingonberry jam. Lingonberry jam comes in a range from thick and sweet to bursting with almost-fresh little morsels of red tanginess. Our favourite to enjoy with dinner is the freshly stirred version – light and bright and excellent with rich, savoury meatballs and cream sauce.

Lingonberries grow en masse in the wild across Sweden and Norway, and are as essential as salt and pepper for many. The nearest comparison for the rest of the world are cranberries, which are slightly more sour and less bitter than lingonberries – and usually prepped with a lot more sugar than its Scandi counterpart.

Our vote goes to lingonberries – so next time you’re in the mood for meatballs, add a dollop of Sweden’s favourite condiment to enjoy the way it should be.

Fancy some? Place your order today (we sell meatballs, too) – and get ready for a taste revelation.



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