Spiderman and his dolls. Why is it a problem?

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If there is one thing that gets the general Scandies blood boiling is gender roles for boys and girls.  Girls can be plumbers, boys can be au pairs.  Who cares what sex you are?

Which is why we adore this catalogue from a Swedish toy store.

The company is called LEKLUST and they say it is time to move forward and stop this gender nonsense when it comes to toys as it only aids to manifest the stereotypes even more.

The spokesperson for the Swedish Feminist Movement, Carl Emanuelsen, welcomes to movement.  We just love that the spokesperson for the Feminist Movement is a man.  It just gets better.

In the catalogue, on a predominantly pink page full of dolls and prams, a child dressed as spiderman can be seen pushing a pink pram and on a different page a little girl is seen driving a toy racing car.

There’s also pictures of boys using the pretend kitchen.

Fantastic, we say:  keep it up.

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