Recipe: Cinnamon Bun French Toast

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Imagine it… You have some cinnamon buns left over. Yes, we know, it does not happen often, but it CAN happen. What do you do with those stale things, not good for anything?

The other day, we made french toast. It was indulgent and delicious and quite naughty.

Recipe: Cinnamon Bun French Toast – with homemade vanilla syrup and cardamom yoghurt

Bronte Aurell 2016.

Serves 4


1 x portion of berries – we used raspberries as these are tart and cut through the sweetness of this dish best.

For the syrup (makes a generous portion, more than you need – keep sin fridge for a few weeks)

150g sugar
100ml water
1 scraped out vanilla pod (include the seeds)
salt flakes (optional)
Bring sugar, water and vanilla to the boil and keep gentle boiling for 4-5 minutes on a good heat (take care not to burn). If it’s reducing too quickly, shorten the cooking time or you will end up with a syrup that’s too thick. Take off the heat and, optionally, add salt flakes to taste (it intensifies the flavour of the vanilla).


For the yoghurt topping

200g Greek thick set yoghurt

finely ground cardamom, to taste

Stir cardamom with yoghurt, to taste – I like freshly ground cardamom, but leave it plain if you’re not a fan of this strong flavour. You can also make a cardamom syrup (see above) and just add subtle syrup to the yoghurt as this is will be less intense that freshly ground.

For the french toast

4 nice cinnamon buns, sliced open into two pieces each.

(These have to be the more traditional Scandi recipe, yeast based, bread dough buns, not fancy pastry buns)

3 eggs

50g plain flour mixed with a small pinch of baking soda

125ml whole milk

pinch of salt

1/2 tsp ground cinnamon

Butter, for frying.

Whisk the batter together (mix the egg with the flour and soda first, then add the milk and other ingredients bit by bit so it doesn’t lump). Place the bun pieces in a bowl and pour over the batter, ensuring to soak all pieces generously. Leave covered for 10 minutes to soak the bread through.

Heat up some butter in a pan, then fry the pieces of bread until cooked through on both sides. Arrange two pieces (one whole bun) on each serving plate, top with a good dollop of the Greek yoghurt and fresh berries. Pour syrup on to taste (it is very sweet), just before eating.

Nutritional content: Eeeeek. Quite a few laps around the park wearing your fanciest running shoes.

Comfort factor: Top dog.




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