Rebekka’s wish…

Our Rebekka couldn’t make it to the Scan Show this weekend (she is a busy lady, you know, baking and stuff). So, she set Bronte a challenge: go meet the stars of The Killing (the Danish TV series on BBC, in case you don’t know about it) and get the lead characters to sign their character names, not their real names.

But of course, that is a “normal” request.

Never one to turn down a bit of a challenge, we’d like to report that Bronte dutifully did as she was asked: even queueing for 27 minutes (Bronte hates queues).

Sofie Grabol and Soren Malling from The Killing now thinks Bronte is a crack-pot. It’s a good job she doesn’t care.

We’d also like to report that Soren Malling who plays Meyer is very much alive after his character met such an untimely end in Series 1.

And now for Series 2 of The Killing – soon on BBC: it’s even better than the first one. We think. Humbly. Don’t miss it.



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