Tuborg Julebryg 5.6% – Christmas Lager 24 x 330ml

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Tuborg Julebryg 5.6% – Christmas Lager 24 x330ml – Danish Christmas beer – marks the start of the festive season (for the Danes, at least).

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Tuborg Julebryg is released every year on the first Friday of November known as “J-day”. Tuborg Christmas brew was invented in 1981 by mixing the three beers; KB hvidtøl, Tuborg FF and Tuborg Guld by Brewmaster Per Krieger Lassen. Tuborg Julebryg is a bottom-fermented, wiener beer brewed on lager, anchener and caramel malt with English liquorice and the beer is dark-golden with a fresh aroma of caramel, grain, liquorice and blackcurrant. It’s excellent with traditional Scandinavian Christmas recipes such as smoked fish, grilled/fried herring, smoked ham with curly kale, roast pork and duck.

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Water, BARLEY MALT, BARLEY, liquorice, hops.


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