Swedish Midsummer Selection 4-6 People


Our own curated selection of gourmet Swedish Midsummer foods. Including herring, gourmet Swedish meatballs, a Scandi cheese (may vary depending on stock) and our favourite sourdough crispbread as well as our own deli salads and a nice bottle of aquavit. With this selection you have the basis for making a great Midsummer Feast suitable for 4-6 people. Add some boiled new potatoes, perhaps a leafy green salad and some fresh bread to complete  your Midsummer buffet.Please note this is not ready to serve – so is not suitable for a picnic as it comes. It is, however, perfect if you are having a get together at home as all the elements are easy to prepare and most require no cooking.

First time you are hosting a midsummer party?

Check out our handy guide to Midsummer including a whole host of recipes on our blog.

To keep it simple, here is what we suggest:

Place the meatballs in an oven tray and place in a medium hot oven until warmed through and golden.

In the meantime, put the herrings in individual bowls, place the cheese on a serving platter and arrange the salmon on another. Put some bread and crispbread in a bread basket and put out some butter. Some boiled new potatoes are lovely with the herring – as is a tub of sour cream or creme fraiche. Make a simple leafy green salad and open the tub of beetroot salad – place the contents in a small serving bowl, if desired.

Remove the meatballs from the oven and serve in a bowl on the table with the rest of your feast – don’t forget the mini cinnamon buns for afters!

Let everyone serve themselves and make sure you have a shot of aquavit to kick things off. Enjoy!

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