Slagter Lampe Sønderjysk Spegepolse – Gourmet Salami 600g



Slagter Lampe Sønderjysk Spegepolse – Gourmet Salami 600g 

– Danish salami from south of Jutland (which is that bit of Denmark that isn’t an island, but stuck on to the top of Germany). 

This is an excellent salami. It has a delicious smoky aroma, its got a mild flavour without being flat. It’s meaty and morish. It’s spiced with nutmeg, coriander and white pepper. 

We love this sliced on uttered rye bread. Some Danes add a dollop of Remoulade and some crispy onions, but really, you can easily just sit and eat this on its own, too. 

The perfect salami? Most Danes will agree. Also, we don’t call it Salami, but Spegepølse.

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Traditional Danish salami from the southern part of Jutland (the part that’s connected to mainland Europe – you’re welcome). Considered by picky Danes to be one of the best local salamis – and we agree. Form texture with plenty of flacour, this is great on a charcuterie platter or on the smörgåsbord.

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Pork 78%, pork fat, beef 11%, salt, dextrose, spices, antioxidant E301, enzymes, preservative E250. Gluten free.
Per 100g: Energy 1448 kJ / 350 kcal, fat 30g (of which saturates 11g), carbohydrate 0.9g (of which sugar 0.9g), protein 19g, salt 4.2g.

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