ScandiKitchen Classic Christmas Beer – 330ml

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Our very own favourite Christmas beer. An amber lager with hints of dried fruit and caramel that pairs perfectly with hearty winter meals. A malty beer with a crisp refreshing finish. 

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From our small batch range of the best of the Nordics. Here is the first ever batch of ScandiKitchen Christmas beer. A great drink for your julbord – Christmas table, kolde bord, julefrokost or your julemiddag. 

It is a proper Julol / Julöl, Juleøl /Julol or julepilsner pilsener to enjoy all winter long for that special Nordic Yule feel.  

Just remember to get yours now as supplies are limited.

Skål and Cheers!

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Water, BARLEY malt, hops, yeast.

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