Salty Liquorice Lovers


When you love liquorice, you understand just how amazing it is to be gifted a box of the really strong stuff. We Scandinavians appreciate and truly love salty liquorice.

We have curated our favourites in one box – perfect for you to stock up on the good stuff or send to someone who loves liquorice as much as you do. Or maybe send it to someone who MIGHT love it? It’s such fun to see people try it… 

Each box contains:
Tyrkisk Pepper 3 flame original
Tyrkisk Pepper 4 flame EXTRA HOT
Salmiakki liquorice chocolate bar
Spunk Salty Liquorice
Lakrisal liquorice pastilles
Gott & Blandat Salt mix bag
Djungelvrål (Jungle Screams)
Piratos liquorice coins
Fazer Salty liquorice chalks

(We reserve the right to substitute if we have run out)

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Mild in flavour, slightly salty but with a sweet sugar shell coating. Skolekridt means chalk. 

Fazer Salmiakki chocolate
Smooth liquid liquorice filling and the best milk chocolate – a bit stronger in flavour than first expected, with a salty hit aftertaste. 

A Danish favourite – innocently named, although we appreciate it doesn’t translate. Salty liquorice pastilles. 

Pocket roll of liquorice flavoured pastilles – not strong, but with a moorish salty hit. 

may be German, but has a whole Scandinavian division dedicated to liquorice. These are the stronger version of Piratos discs – and with a definite good, strong salty aftertaste. This is especially popular in Denmark. 

Massive salt hit – we love it. Sweet finish. This is a favourite of ours to get non-liquorice lovers inducted into our world. Yes, it’s a tough start and they may not speak to you for a while. Fun, though. 

 Tyrkisk Peber – extra hot  (red) Ohhhh, this has a nice flame finish. Strong and stable and definitely not for the un-initiated. 

 Tyrkisk Peber – Normal
Strong (blue)
, peppery and definitely have this one BEFORE you try the extra hot 4 flame one. 

Gott & Blandat Salt
Not strong, just very salty and with different liquorice undertones – a great mix bag.

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