Ramlösa Original – Sparkling Water 500ml

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Ramlösa Original – sparkling water 500ml is a classic Swedish natural sparkling mineral water. With just the right amount of bubbles and a delicate feel, we think this sparkling water is up there amongst the more famous Italian and French brands. It gets its special salt and mineral tone directly from the natural well in Ramlösa.

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Ramlösa Original – Sparkling Water 500ml

Ramlösa was first discovered on June 17, 1707, The man behind the opening of the well was a district medical officer called Johan Jacob Döbelius. During his visit to the region he had been told that the water that flowed out of the sandstone cliff in Ramlösa valley made people healthier. And it was told that King Karl XI’s troops in the 1600s had located the well and been cured from ‘field’ disease scurvy – a common condition in lack of vegetables and thereby vitamin C. That was why Doctor Döbelius obtained permission to operate the well and the splendid opening ceremony took place at the young king Karl XII’s glory, but without his presence.

How to

Enjoy cold, straight out of the bottle, or in a glass with ice and a slice of lemon.


Store in a cool, dry place.

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