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Our one-off print run of Proud Immigrant T-shirts has arrived. Due to huge demand, we decided to make a small print run of Proud Immigrant T-shirts (read the story why, below). We’re not planning on making more – when they’re gone, they are gone.

Regular fit t-shirt in soft organic cotton. Also available in XL, L and S.


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Our one-off print run of Proud immigrant T-shirts has arrived. Purely due to demand after we wore these in the shop did we decide to print a small run to sell of these. We’re not planning any more production of t-shirts, so when they’re gone, they are gone.


The story behind these t-shirts is that when our Bronte’s two young daughters asked her what an immigrant was, she replied that an immigrant was someone just like her: A person who comes to a new country and settles down, for good. Not an ex-pat, as they tend to go back to their own countries after a while. Bronte realised her kids already at 5 and 7 had some negative impressions of immigration – so she printed a few t-shirts saying #proudimmigrant, to make sure they knew that immigration is a positive thing. After many conversations in cafes, on buses and social media about her t-shirt, she decided to share the #proudimmigrant t-shirt love.

Sizing is pretty standard. We’re sorry, if your size is out, we will probably not be getting any more in.


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