Polarica Organic Lingonberries 225g (Tyttebær / Puolukka)



Polarica Organic Lingonberries 225g – Frozen lingonberries for cooking, baking and preserving. Please note – this item will be sent chilled and will defrost slightly in transit. It is fine to re-freeze, but may be slightly mushy.

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Delicious, healthy and full of goodness, this Nordic cousin of the Cranberry is a versatile companion around the kitchen and an important part of Swedish and Norwegian cuisine. Please note: This product comes in frozen, but will defrost during transit. It’s fine to re-freeze, but it may be a little mushy. Use within a month of re-freezing.

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Ingredients: 100% lingonberries
Nutritional information per 100g: energy 237 kJ 57 kcal, fat 0.5 g, of which saturated 0g, carbohydrates 11g, of which sugars 9 g, protein 0.7 g, salt 0g.

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