Polarbrod Sarek – Thin Flatbread 8-pack


Polarbrod Sarek – Thin Flatbread 8-pack – Swedish wheat and rye soft flatbread.

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Polarbrod Sarek is the original flatbread from North Sweden. It is soft and smooth and has a subtle flavor of rye. Excellent for rolling, chopping, folding and wrapping – try it as you would use a tortilla. Sarek is also a great picnic bread, and the traditional bread to serve with surstromming. Some sliced boiled potatoes, a good dollop of sour cream, finely chopped red onion and a little surstromming – a delicious, super traditional Swedish meal. 

 PLEASE NOTE: This product was frozen before it was shipped. It will defrost during shipping so we recommend using is straight away or re-freezing it. The best before dates on the bag is for the unfrozen version; we may ship bread that is past its best before date.

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WHEAT flour, RYE flour, water, syrup, WHEAT GLUTEN, sugars, salt, glucose, vegetable oil (rapeseed oil), dry yeast, emulsifiers (mono and diglycerides of fatty acids), baking powder (ammonium carbonate), flour treatment agents (ascorbic acid), enzyme.
Nutritional information per 100g: Energy 1200kJ (290kcal), protein 9.7 g, carbohydrates 55g, of which sugars 7.2g, fat 2.0g, (of which saturates 0.4g), dietary fiber 3.0 g, sodium 0.40g (equivalent to 1.0 g of salt)

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