Per i Viken Wienerkorv – Wiener Sausages 8-pack (Wienerpølse)


Per i Viken Wienerkorv – Wiener Sausages 8-pack – Lightly smoked pork sausages from Sweden. Ideal as hot dogs – serve in a bun or wrap with your favourite toppings and sauces.

Norwegians – this is the stuff you want for a proper pølse. Delicious in buns or lompe. 

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Per I Viken is a renowned Swedish producer, and their Wienerkorv – Wiener sausages – are fantastic . Lightly smoked with a good bite, these are brilliant for hotdogs – simply boil or barbecue then serve in a bun or potato wrap with your favourite sauces, condiments and toppings. We like ketchup, mustard, crispy onions, remoulade, seafood salad and cucumber relish. Not necessarily all at once, but then again, why not? In Sweden they’ll even add mashed potatoes. This is a chilled item. Suitable for freezing.

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Pork and beef, water, pork fat, potato flour, sodium chloride, onions, spices, antioxidant E300, preservatives E250, meat content 62%.

Per 100g

Energy 1250 kJ / Kcal 300, Fat 27g (of which saturates 11g), Protein 9.1g, carbohydrates 5.3g (of which sugar 0.7g), salt 2.2g


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