Lucky Dip – the most random bag of goodness



There is something exciting about buying a ‘Lucky Dip’. Truly, there is. What if you get a million pounds? (You won’t) or the keys to a castle far away in the Norwegian mountains? (Sadly, no). 

We sometimes have end of lines, excess stock and really odd one-offs that really have no really good place anywhere else. Most often, we eat those things or take them home, but really, we think you should be able to join in the fun, too.

So, this is our lucky dip. This is what we promise:

-Ambient goods only (not chilled or frozen)
– This box can contain ANYTHING from sauces to snacks, sweets, tins, books, t-shirts, tea, crisps, the entrance to Narnia and much more.

– We promise the retail value of the box is over £20, usually more).
-We promise a mixture of things. You are not going to get 12 tins of fish dumplings or 20 bars of Marabou with an odd flavour. We’ll be varied. 

But we do promise: It will definitely be random. 

No returns. Sale is final.

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In Japan, these bags are known as Fukubukuro. In Danish, LykkePose (A bag of Luck, if you translate it literally). 

The question is: Do you feel lucky?

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