Kockens Hjorthornssalt – Ammonium Bicarbonate 50g



Kockens Hjorthornssalt – Ammonium Bicarbonate 50g – Ammonium bicarbonate, also called ‘Hjortetaksalt’ or Baker’s ammonium, is a raising agent found in many traditional recipes.

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A traditional raising agent which predates baking powder and bicarb of soda, the Scandinavian name translates to ‘Deer horn salt’ (but ask a Swede and they will think it translates to ‘cloudberry salt’). So called from the smell, but this disappears in the baking process. Used in many traditional recipes, such as Danish ‘Drømmer’ (dreams) or Norwegian ‘Smultringer’ (doughnuts).

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Ammonium carbonates (E503), anti-caking agent (E504)

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