Danish Snack Bundle – Hjemve


Homesick? We know the feeling. If you or someone you know are missing their native Denmark, this Hjemve bundle is exactly what you need. Our favourite Danish sweets and salty snacks, including Anthon Berg, Piratos, Kims and Marabou Daim. Everything one could want for en dejlig aften – it makes a great gift, but we won’t judge if you munch it all by yourself.

We reserve the right to make substitutions based on stock availability.

The Hjemve bundle filled with all of our favourite Danish sweets and snacks. The bundle contains one of each of the following: 
(We do reserve the right to make substitutions based on stock availability)
Marabou Daim – Milk chocolate with Daim – 200g
Fazer Tyrkisk Peber Original 120g
Anthon Berg Marcipanbrod – Chocolate Covered Marzipan 40g
Ga-Jol Original Bla – Liquorice Pastilles 23g
Kims Snack Chips – Potato Snacks 165g
Estrella Holiday Dipmix – Onion & Pepper Dip Mix 26g
Toms Skildpadde – Chocolate With Rum Creme 28g
Faxe Kondi – Lemonade 330ml
Piratos – Strong Salty Liquorice – Pick’n’Mix 200g
Haribo Matador Mix – BIG BAG 375g
Matilde Kakaomelk – Chocolate Milk 200ml
Carletti Skumbanan – Banana Marshmallow 25g
Fazer Skolekridt – Liquorice Chalks Bag 70g


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