Scandinavian Christmas

Look, we know it is not Christmas yet. However, we’re already getting emails and calls about stock so please read this update and FAQ:

When will all the Christmas stock come in?

Things don’t come in one go – items arrive at different times and weeks. Some items will not be there until close to December, but some will start to arrive mid October.

Can I order things you don’t have in stock yet?

No, this is not possible at the moment. Maybe later on when we have more of a bulk of stock.

When will your last order date be for guaranteed Christmas delivery?

13th December.

Will you have a backlog like last year?

We are obviously trying not to – by doubling up on our elf team. However, there are often a few days delays nearer the time, but we learnt from our experience of last year.

Will you ship my order in two lots?

No, we always wait until we have everything.

Will you have separate Norwegian/Danish/Swedish Xmas shops? 

Yes, coming later.

If something is out of stock now does it mean it’s sold out?

No, not at ALL. It just means we’ve added the product to the list but stock is not yet in.

Will Brexit affect my Christmas delivery?

Hmmm… We wish we have a crystal ball for that one. We are aiming to bulk up before the big B day to safeguard most things, but everything depends on the UK government and their decisions. Updates will follow as soon as we know.

Christmas beer from Tuborg?

Brexit permitting, it should be in on 8th Nov.

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