Scandinavian Christmas

Lots of questions are similar from lots of people so please read this update and FAQ:

When will all the Christmas stuff be in stock?

Things don’t come in one go – items arrive at different times and weeks. Some items will not be there until close to December. We don’t recommend waiting because all things may not be in stock the same time. We work with 18 different suppliers. Please do buy in several lots if you can – we CANNOT hold stock (It’s simply impossible as we have not got enough space).

Can I order things you don’t have in stock yet?

No, this is not possible, sorry – we get so busy and this create an admin funnel that doesn’t tend to work out well.

Can you hold my order until closer to Christmas?

No, we can’t. We’d love to – but we don’t have space. When you order, we will ship when we can. We do not part-ship. Yes, we know it would be super handy if we could help, but we literally cannot.

When will your last order date be for guaranteed Christmas delivery?

13th December. Order before, pretty pretty please.

Will you have a backlog like last year?

Even with the best will in the world, when everyone starts ordering, we WILL have a backlog. We are obviously trying not to – by doubling up on our elf team and not holding orders etc – this will all help. Next Day is shipped for next working day (order before midday) – and no rush orders are usually shipped inside 3-5 working days. Choose ‘next day’ if you want it urgently.

Will you ship my order in two lots?

No, we always wait until we have everything OR we will remove items that are not in stock if there have been gremlins.

If something is out of stock now does it mean it’s sold out?

No, not necessarily – we get orders in every week. Some bigger items – such as Pinnekjot and pork roast – we only get in once, so buy now to secure your stash.

Can I order chilled food items and alcohol for abroad?

No, sorry.

The courier company has attempted delivery but I was home/I missed it/They didn’t leave it/etc – 

To help our Maria and Maria out, please could you call the depot first to check if they are redelivering or can fix it? We will ABSOLUTELY help as much as we can, but if the Depot have your parcel, then first call is to them because they know how best to help (look on the couriers website for your local depot umber). If you don’t get the answer you need, call Maria and Maria for a chat. 95% of the time, the Depot can help re-arrange and fix.

Questions? Danish Maria and Norwegian Maria are online to help shop@scandikitchen.co.uk

Thank you x

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